Gratical HD

The Gratical HD EVF is our flagship model – the original! Feature rich, versatile, future-proof, and time tested, the Gratical HD is the ultimate choice for the consummate professional. Designed to fit smoothly into a filmmaker’s workflow both on-the-go and in the studio. The Gratical HD Micro-OLED EVF offers a full suite of power, mounting, inputs/outputs, and feature options. If you’re looking for a one-stop product to cover all your current and future needs, the Gratical HD is the model for you.

As with all our Gratical electronic viewfinder models, the Gratical HD starts with a 5.4 million pixel micro-OLED display, high quality precision optics with a built in diopter, and a powerful FPGA dual core processor. Find out more with our full spec breakdown below.

Gratical HD EVF Specs

gratical hd features from zacuto

Micro-OLED Display
Connections & Compatibility
zacuto micro-oled screen for gratical hd connections and compatability
The Gratical HD has a Zacuto designed Micro-OLED 0.61” diagonal display with 5.4 million pixels to provide a hugely expanded contrast range. With Micro-OLED screens, each pixel is lit individually so that when one is turned off there is true black. This makes for a wider contrast range and more vibrant colors for a vivid, enhanced picture.
Incorporates an HD-SDI input and output and an HDMI input and output with weather resistant covers to prevent moisture or debris from getting in the open ports.

HDMI – 1.4b compliant, resolutions up to 1080p/60, loop out
HD-SDI – Resolutions up to 1080p/60, loop out
Cross Conversion – HDMI to HD-SDI, independent LUT on output stream

gratical hd from zacuto optics and anti-fog

Power & Mounting
zacuto gratical hd fpga processor chip
zacuto rosette for gratical hd micro-oled evf
The Gratical HD is powered by a state-of-the-art FPGA dual core processor that supports a host of professional features including HDMI and SDI with simultaneous cross-conversion, Vectorscope, Waveform (3D), Histogram, Timecode, LUT import, creating, and editing, and more. (See full feature list below.) The processing power of the Zacuto Gratical HD far surpasses all other EVF units on the market. The built-in USB port is used for downloading firmware updates and additions. Gratical HD users have access to all future updates and additions free of charge for life. We are constantly working on improving workability of current features and creating new features to keep your EVF up to date and future proof. We often take user requests into consideration. If there’s something you’d like to see included, contact us to make a suggestion. You could see it in the next firmware! Self powered with an included LP-E6 battery, the Gratical HD has a run time of about 4 hours. You can also use a LP-E6 to d-tap cable (like this one) and power the unit off system batteries for a much longer run time. Mounting options include both a ¼ 20 screw hole underneath the EVF and a ¼ 20 rosette on the side. Attach your electronic viewfinder with an arm or Zacuto Axis Mini as part of a Zacuto Next Generation Recoil Rig.