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For over 14 years, EVS has been a leader in serving Production Professionals. We are one of the United States largest and most reliable suppliers of audio visual equipment and blank media, with sales, warehouse, rentals and showrooms in our Glendale CA facilities. EVS’s well-stocked warehouses and competent personnel provide the key ingredients necessary to effectively provide the country’s creative community with the audio visual tools they require, coast to coast within 3 business days or less. In the beginning, in 1991, we opened our doors in the birthplace of the industry – Hollywood CA. We have grown steadily each year by utilizing our industry expertise, keen intuition and sound business choices to create our success. With each passing year we become more engrained and woven into the fabric of the production industry. We have been able to cultivate this relationship because we are from within this industry. Our team is comprised of shooters, producers, DP’s and independent filmmakers that can lend real world insight in to the purchasing decision. Because of this our clients have come to rely on us as a resource for answers. If they can’t figure it out they ask their friends at EVS and EVS produces a result, lending EVS recognition for being trustworthy and reliable. We are proud of that tradition and will continue to magnify these values and traits.

1819 Victory Blvd.
Glendale CA 91201


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