An EVF Mount for Every Camera

Axis Mini EVF Mount

Zacuto offers one EVF Mount – the Axis Mini. This amazing accessory can be used on any camera with our wide variety of universal and camera specific mounts. The Axis Mini EVF Mount is the most adjustable ENG style mount for rosette mounted EVFs, giving you full 360ΒΊ motion with four adjustment points. We also offer a 1/4″ 20 attachment making the Axis Mini compatible with every EVF on the market.

axis mini evf mount banner zacuto

The Axis Mini attaches to your camera with a 15mm rod. The rod slides into a quick release port for a rock solid connection. Mount your Axis Mini via one of these three methods.

  • Recoil Handle – this universal handgrip has a 15mm quick release port at the tip of the handle to hold the Axis Mini EVF Mount.
  • Rod Locks – these small accessories mount to camera mounted rails like our 3″ or 5″ Z-Rails and are compatible with NATO, SWAT, RED, PICATINNY, and WOODEN CAMERA rails.
  • Camera Specific Plates – some of our camera specific kits use the methods listed above and some are unique to work with your camera the best way possible. All will include a quick release rod port to hold the Axis Mini EVF Mount.

    Pick your camera and see the many ways these options can be configured in the pictures below. Have questions about the best way to attach an EVF Mount to your camera set up? Email or call us at 312 863 3456.

    Sony FS5

    Sony FS7

    Sony F5/F55

    zacuto evf mount for sony fs5 evf ount for sony fs7 evf mount for sony f5 and f55
    The Sony FS5 and FS5 II have an excellent Top Handle so we created a molded plate that attaches around the handle. Our Axis Mini EVF Mount quick releases from the Top Plate which can live on your camera. Similar to the FS5 set up, our Sony FS7 and FS7 II Rod Lock works with the native Sony Top Handle to create a secure mount for our Axis Mini EVF Mount. This cheeseplate and top grip combo is compatible with the Sony F5 and F55. The Top Plate has multiple 1/4″ 20 and 3/8″ 16 screw holes and then a 5″ adjustable Z-Rail. Our Recoil Handle attaches via quick release to hold our Axis Mini EVF Mount.

    Canon C300 Mark II

    Canon C300/C500

    Canon C100 Mark II

    canon c300 mark ii evf mount zacuto canon c300 c500 evf mount canon c100 mark ii evf mount
    This Helmet Kit includes a mini cage which screws into your camera to mount our Recoil Handle and Axis Mini EVF Mount. There’s a spot to attach the Canon mic holder too! This is a much more secure and functional set up than the hotshoe mounted Canon C300 Mark II handle. This helmet kit compatible with the Canon C300 Mark I and C500 is a similar concept to the Mark II set up but a little larger. It attaches via the cameras plane screw holes (attach the plane screws to the outside of the helmet) and includes a rail and Recoil Handle to secure the Axis Mini EVF Mount. The Canon C100 Mark II native handgrip includes a lot of function so we created a small plate that attaches to the top of the camera and securely mounts the Canon handle. Attach the Axis Mini EVF Mount via the quick release rod port.

    Canon C100

    Panasonic Varicam LT

    HalfCage Rail and Recoil Handle

    canon c100 evf mount zacuto panasonic varicam lt evf mount zacuto dslr evf mount halfcage rail with recoil handle
    The Canon C100 Mark I bracket attaches snugly to the Canon handle. It has a port for our Axis Mini EVF Mount and multiple 1/4″ 20 screw holes to mount your accessories. The Panasonic Varicam LT Top Plate Kit includes a camera mounted cheeseplate, adjustable Z-Rail, and our Recoil Handle. Attach the Axis Mini EVF Mount plus all your other accessories – including rod mounted accessories with our optional Z-Locks. This is the most secure EVF Mount option for DSLRs you’ll find anywhere. The HalfCage Rail attaches to our VCT Universal Baseplate and to the camera hotshoe for complete security and balance. Add a Recoil Handle to mount the Axis Mini EVF Mount and you’re ready to shoot!

    Z-Rail with Recoil Handle

    Z-Rail with Rod Locks

    Quad Rail 1/4″ 20 Mount

    zacuto evf mount zacuto evf mount zacuto evf mount quad rail 1/4 20
    Use the Recoil Handle with a 3″ or 5″ Z-Rail to add a secure Top Grip and the Axis Mini EVF Mount to your RED Camera, BlackMagic Cinema Camera, ARRI Alexa or Amira, and more. If you’re camera already has an excellent or permanent top handle, attach a Z-Rail to the Grip and then use a Rod Lock to mount your Axis Mini EVF Mount. Perfect for the Panasonic DVX200, Blackmagic Ursa Mini, Sony FS700, Sony PXW-X200, AJA Cion and more. If you use a 1/4″ 20 mounted EVF, attached our Quad Rail to your Axis Mini EVF Mount. Mount your EVF on any side of the four sided Quad Rail to set your EVF exactly where you like it.