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Check out our Smart Z-Finder on Kickstarter!
Check out our Smart Z-Finder on Kickstarter!

Mounting Kit for C300-C500 Z-Finder

The Mounting Kit for the C300/C500 Z-Finder allows you to position the LCD screen forward and off the the side in a position to better enable shoulder mounted shooting. The Mounting Kit attaches to a Z-Rail mount and will allow forward/backward, side to side, and tilt adjustment of the Z-Finder. This mounting kit works with the C300/C500 Helmet and handle as a unified system. The C300/C500 Helmet Kit is required to use this kit.
When moving the LCD this far forward, you may need to get the Canon Extension cable- sold by Canon. You can get the Mounting Kit packaged with the C300-C500 Z-Finder here.