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Canon C70 Z-Finder


The Canon C70 Z-Finder is designed to be used with the Canon C70. The Z-Finder uses a 2.5x magnification and has a diopter range of -2 to +2 with the included Extender Frames. If you need more adjustment than the Extender Frames provide, you can purchase drop in diopters for further diopter adjustment. The interchangeable anti-fog diopters, -1, +1, +2, +3 and +4, correct the focus to your vision for perfect clarity.

The Z-Finder can be used independently of any camera cage. It securely mounts to the camera strap hook, which is built into the camera's body, providing a rock solid mounting point. Attaching and removing the Z-Finder is as easy as turning a lever and sliding the Z-Finder on or off the LCD. It features a foam padded sleeve that won't damage or scratch your camera's LCD.

The unique design of the Z-Finder allows it to have a 135 degree range of motion when tilting up or down, letting you comfortably view the LCD when shooting in low mode, raised up over your head, and everything in between.

The flip open feature also gives you easy access to the LCD's touch screen for changing settings on the fly. The Z-Finder will hold its position when flipped open and then lock in the closed position when you are done touching the LCD. 

Recommended Accesories:
C70 Cage

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David G.
United States United States

Game Changer for the C70

We shoot wildlife so are always outside. Bright light can render an external monitor almost useless. So we picked up two of these for our C70s. Total game changer. Lightweight and no need for external power, like an EVF requires. The magnification is an added bonus. Z-finder fits perfectly on the Zacuto C70 cage. One minor issue - The ability to flip the Z-finder up in order to use the LCD touch screen (primarily for touch focus) is nice, but the hinge on the bottom of one of our units failed. Seems like the Z-finder is a bit heavy to be flipping it up a lot. So now I just use the C70 joystick to focus. Not a huge deal but a stronger hinge on the bottom of the unit would make the flip up feature much more usable. Overall we are very satisfied with the build quality, value and design of the product.

Blake H.
United States United States

Clutter Free alternative to an EVF

I have other cameras with EVFs, including the Gratical Eye on a Canon C300 m2. It's a good viewfinder, but for my new c70 I wanted something that was compact, cable free and did not require powering. While this unit is extremely well thought out, I will go ahead and outline goods, and not so goods, after a week of frequent use. The Good: 1. Compact design that works well with the good flip screen on the C70. Optically not bad. 2. It actually makes the flip screen on the C70 stronger because of the clever swing bracket. 3. No need for power or cables. 4. Comes with extensions to help with focus distance my not so young eyes. 5. Rugged and not heavy. The Not So Goods 1. While the field of view is complete, it appears very LARGE in the viewfinder. You are going to find yourself moving your eye around a lot more to examine the frame than you would with an EVF. A bit too immersive for my taste, but I am getting used to it. 2. I wish that the two clips that secure the finder to the flip scrip clipped on a bit tighter. Sometimes I bump them loose. Maybe there is a shim fix for this. The bottom line is that this was the right choice for me because I wanted a reliable, power free way of accurately viewing the frame outside, and I love the way I can jam the camera on the ground and look DOWN into the finder quickly to frame creative shots. It's really fun to use.

David R.
United States United States

Beautifully designed & constructed

I have the Z-Finder for my C100 (with the elastic bands) so I knew what to expect from the eye piece. I am very impressed with the design and sturdiness of this C70 Z-finder bracket. It takes a little more effort to attach, but will ultimately offer a better shooting experience.



Thank you for the wonderful review!

Laurent C.
France France

Almost perfect …

Really sincerly , the product seems great … I’m just worrying about the little spring on the attach system … the screw is short and while installing it , the spring jumped off 3 times … but once installed … It’s great and solid and the LCD is greatly maintained … I’m happy with my purchase and the on line shop shipped it fast . Great communication by the way …

A Zacuto Customer
United States United States

Lightweight and very useful

I have to say that I was skeptical when I first saw this product. But after using it, I like it very much. This mount keeps the C70 light, and secure the hinge of the screen. it is very well designed. It takes a little learning to detach and remove the mount safetly. When brand new, the mount is a little but it gets better with use. The screen is crystal clear through the loupe. Very useful when you don't want to deal with an evf, cable and extra batteries...

Zacuto Canon C70 Z-Finder Review