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Limited Time, Save 50% on the ACT Baseplate!!
Limited Time, Save 50% on the ACT Baseplate!!

VCT Pro Baseplate


The VCT Pro camera baseplate is compatible with EVERY camera including Canon EOS C-series, Sony FX6, FS7/FS7 Mark II and Sony FX9, AJA CION, BlackMagic, Panasonic EVA1, Panasonic Varicam LT, RED cameras, Arri Alexa, DSLRs, Mirrorless and more.  This is the best shoulder mounted baseplate in the industry. 

The VCT Pro has a built-in, curved shoulder pad and an Arri M6 rosette for accessories and grips. It comes with quick-release, extendable 6.5” rods at the front, and lightweight spaced quick-release rod ports at the back. The v-wedge tripod connector is compatible with VCT14 tripod adapter plates or the 1/4 20 and 3/8 16 screw holes for direct connection to your tripod quick release plate. 

The red sliding top plate offers easy adjust-ability for lens changes, removing your camera, and balancing your rig correctly on your shoulder. This sliding plate combined with a double screw track offers 10” of camera balance sliding range. You can quickly release your camera from the rig by sliding the red plate completely off and using our VCT Pro Dock to quickly transition it to a tripod, slider, etc. 

The lightweight, adjustable rod mount is set far back in the plate, offering plenty of accessory-capable area under the camera lens. This allows you to position your camera further back on the plate, keeping the balance point of your rig directly over your shoulder. The sliding track of the rod riser offers 25mm of vertical adjustment. Alternate Tall Rod Riser offering up to 45mm of vertical adjustment - for RED cameras - is available. 

The shoulder pad portion of the VCT Universal is set as far forward on the plate as possible, also to maximize your accessory capable rod area and aid with balance. The VCT Universal Baseplate is the core of our Next Generation Recoil rigs, designed for balance and comfort for every camera.

Keeping the camera low prevents already tall cameras from being too top heavy. With our VCT, the distance from the bottom of your camera to your shoulder is just 3/4 inch.

14.25” x 4.25” x 2” (LxWxH) with 6.5” rods
Two quick releasable 6.5” rods included
Weighs 960 grams
One Arri M6 rosette on side of VCT Pro
Two quick-release rod ports in the back
Wide gel-polymer shoulder pad
One ¼ 20 & ⅜ 16 removable screws included
Lightweight adjustable rod mount
Over 10” of camera balance sliding range
Up to 25mm of vertical adjustment
Unique sliding top plate to quickly adjust for lens changes or to release the camera from your rig
Unique design creates more accessory rod capable area
V-wedge style tripod connector or directly mount your tripod plate via ¼ 20 & ⅜ 16 screw holes
¼ 20 screw holes along the side for accessory mounting options
Replacement 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 Screws

Recommended Accessories:
VCT Pro Dock
VCT Tripod Plate

Zacuto products are proudly made in the USA and non-electronic products have a lifetime warranty.

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Tom W.
United States United States

Very Professional

Very good. Great customer support.

Martin B.
United States United States

Overall very pleased

I like the sliding base plate. I wish it was lighter.

A Zacuto Customer
United States United States

Very good baseplate

Very nice baseplate. I use it for my c300 mark iii shoulder rig and it works very well when relocating the canon grip. I don't know what they use for that shoulder gel, but it is very comfortable :)

United States United States

Favorite Shoulder Rig Baseplate

After trying a half-dozen shoulder rig plates, I picked up a VCT Pro plate (along with the Shorty Trigger Grips, also reviewed on that page) and fell in love. Got rid of my other brand shoulder rig items and switched fully to this Zacuto plate and handles. The shoulder padding isn't as thick as some other brands, however it is far more forgiving resulting in better actual comfort and support. Plus, it balances quite well on your shoulder. The proprietary plate I both like and dislike...on one hand, I don't like proprietary items forcing me into getting new tripod mounting plates and such; on the other hand, this plate's wide and long base is fantastic for setting down a large rig on a flat surface without worrying about it tipping over in any direction. I also wish there was a second rosette mount on the left (cheek) side on the baseplate, although I understand that it might get in the way and be uncomfortable for some operators. Most Zacuto dual-handle setups mount off the rods though, so no problem at all there. In comparison to the extreme comfort of the actual shoulder pad though, those minor complaints are exactly that: minor. Highly recommend this baseplate, and everyone I've let try mine out has loved it.