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Save 20% CODE: NAB2024
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Sony Burano Z-Finder Frame

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The Sony Burano Z-Finder Frame is used if you already own a Zacuto Z-Finder Pro with 2.5x lens (Z-FIND-PRO2). This gives you the appropriate mounts to secure your Z-Finder to the Sony Burano LCD.  If you don't already own a Z-Finder, check out the Sony Burano Z-Finder. 

The Z-Finder frame slides into the hinge on the Sony monitor and locks into place using their hinge. The red lever at the bottom of the frame allows you to quickly flip the Z-Finder up without removing it from the frame. If a producer/client/director etc. wants to see into the viewfinder, you can flip it open instead of having to adjust so they can get their eye to the loupe. The Z-Finder can snap on and off the frame for quick shooting as well.