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Preorder our new Smart Z-Finder!
Preorder our new Smart Z-Finder!

Mobile Phone Accessories for Content Creation

Zacuto offers a complete solution for content creation on your mobile phone. Our industry standard viewfinder for your phone, the Smart Z-Finder, works for all iPhone Pro and Pro Max phones. It is also compatible with most phones sizes 6.1"-6.7" including Sony Xperia, Google Pixel and Samsung phones. 

With the Smart Z-Finder’s magnifying and light-blocking features, you can now see an in-depth image without the sun, or other lights impairing your view of the screen, while allowing you to hold the camera steady.

Don't just stop with the Smart Z-Finder. Complete your mobile phone rig with the director grip, brow and shoulder stock.  Plus stay tuned for our new unique Audio Micro Mixer and Boom Pole. 

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