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Save up to 30% on our best sellers!
Save up to 30% on our best sellers!

Next Gen Recoil Shoulder Rigs

Save 15% on all camera shoulders rigs until end of the year! 

Next Gen Recoil Pro Camera Shoulder Rigs are our most innovative and balanced camera shoulder rigs and now you can rotate your camera to be vertical to shoot 9:16 video!  They offer out-of-the-box, shoulder-mounted rig solutions for the most popular professional cameras. Camera shoulder rigs are available for every camera, including the Canon C500 Mark II, Canon C300 MK III, Canon C70Sony Cinema Cameras (Sony FX6, FX9, FS7, Sony Burano), and more! We also have a line for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, check out our ACT Recoil Rigs! 

These rigs incorporate universal accessories, like the 5-star reviewed VCT Pro Baseplate, with camera specific accessories like top plates and camera grip relocators.  Need to be able to shoot vertical video too? Add our VCT Rotator accessories!  With the VCT Rotator, you can rapidly change between horizontal and vertical video shooting and between tripod and a comfortable, balanced shoulder rig! The best vertical shoulder rig on the market! 

If your camera is not in the list above, our sales team would be happy to work with you to build a custom rig for your camera. The Recoil Pro concept is compatible with all cameras. These rigs were designed by filmmakers for filmmakers. They are designed with speed, functionality and robustness in mind.  They have a lifetime guarantee- they will outlast any camera! 


"After trying a half-dozen shoulder rig plates, I picked up a VCT Pro plate and fell in love. Got rid of my other brand shoulder rig items and switched fully to this Zacuto plate and handles. The shoulder padding isn't as thick as some other brands, however it is far more forgiving resulting in better actual comfort and support. Plus, it balances quite well on your shoulder. " - Wyatt (Zacuto Customer) 

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