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Limited Time, Save 50% on the ACT Baseplate!!
Limited Time, Save 50% on the ACT Baseplate!!

Right Rosette Trigger Handgrip

The Right Rosette Trigger Handgrip is a very compact low profile trigger grip that rotates 360 degrees with a simple press of a lever- rock solid. It attaches to an Arri M6 Rosette. This is the perfect addition to any caged camera. 

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Zack W.
United States United States
Boy, am I glad that *other* company was out of stock.

I had initially ordered a basic rigging set up from another American company, and after a little over a week of silence from them I finally inquired as to the status only to be told that everything I had ordered was sold out and that there was no ETA on when they would have more. I kindly asked for a refund, checked Zacuto's site (not anticipating all of the C70 goodies suddenly being in stock) and immediately set my wallet on fire. This is my first Zacuto product but I had heard very positive things regarding the quality of their workmanship for some time. As before, I ordered the bare necessities (cage, ACT plate & right Trigger Grip). The trigger grip showed up first and I have to say, my expectations have been surpassed. I don't even need to have it attached to anything to immediately detect the superb quality, high functionality and ease of use. There are two types of products in this world. Those that are made to meet demand, yet purely exist to turn a profit at the expense of the consumer, and those that are produced by someone that obviously put thought and love into their creation. The Zacuto Trigger Grip unquestionably falls into the latter category. Very much looking forward to receiving my additional items! Keep up the great work.

United States United States
Quick-Adjusting Side Handle

This single-handle trigger grip provides a great alternative to my Shorty Trigger Grips (see other review there) for when I'm off-shoulder rig and running handheld. Same great grip feel, and ease of grip angle adjustment. I also mount this grip off the right side of my VCT Pro plate, when on-shoulder rig, as a horizontally mounted side grip that I can reach up to grab for a different angle of holding (works great for centering my hands near the lens when my left hand is on the follow focus). As with Zacuto's other trigger grips, I highly recommend it.