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Zwiss Plates

The Zacuto Zwiss Plate is a multi-functioning camera accessory mounting plate that comes in two different varieties. This unique camera accessories mounting plate enables you to mount a variety of accessories to your camera support system. Some of the more common accessories used with the Zwiss Plates include rods, articulating arms to hold LCD monitors, converter boxes (including the AJA Ki Mini) and batteries (either V-Mount or Anton Bauer 3-stud or gold mount style.) The challenges of video camera accessory mounting have met their match thanks to the Zacuto Zwiss Plates. This cutting edge product is filled with loads of ¼” 20 and 3/8” 16 holes to provide shooters with a screw hole tap to mount almost any accessory they can dream up. Watch as we demonstrate the multiple uses for our Zwiss Plates!

The Plate comes in two different varieties:

sony nex fs100 rig with zwiss plate

Above: The Sony NEX rig setup configuration including the Zwiss Plate V2

Zwiss Plate V2- The Zacuto Zwiss Plate V2 has multiple mounting options for various recorders and specific hole patterns for battery plates. The Zwiss Plate V2 also has all the holes labeled to easily identify the correct hole pattern for various devices. It allows you to mount articulating arms, rods, battery plates, converter boxes and various other camera accessories to your support system. It will also mount the Codex Onboard S recorder which the original Zwiss plate cannot. The Zwiss Plate V2 has labeled screw holes to attach the following accessories :
  • Zacuto Wireless Plates – WP
  • Zacuto Minimount so the Zwiss Plate V2 can be changed to a horizontal orientation – MM
  • AJA Ki Pro Mini Recorder – AJA
  • Codex Onboard S 4K Recorder – CDX
  • Anton Bauer QRC Digital Battery Plate – QRD
  • Switronix or IDX V-Mount Battery Plate – VMT
  • Anton Bauer QR GOLD Battery Plate – QR
  • Anton Bauer QRC GOLD Battery Plate – QRC
  • Switronix Jetpack Battery Plates – JTP
  • Vect V-Mount Battery Plate – VCT
Purchase the Zwiss Plate V2
zwiss plate v2
Above: Zwiss Plate V2 with markings
Horizontal Zwiss Plate- The Horizontal Zwiss Plate expands upon our standard Zwiss Plate V2 with the addition of our Minimount (via two 10/32 Allen screws – included.) The Zwiss Plate can now be mounted horizontally on 15mm lightweight (60mm spaced) rails. This keeps a low profile kit and is great for tripod use. Now, all four quick release lever controlled rod ports are available to hold your accessories. Purchase the Horizontal Zwiss Plate All Zwiss Plates have the ability to mount Our quick-releasing Zamerican arms directly into any of the Zwiss Plate’s standard 15mm holes and are great for mounting monitors, lights or audio recording devices. Use the Zwiss Plate’s red levers to securely mount the Zwiss Plate onto your baseplate rods. Once those levers are tightened, you can guarantee that the Zwiss Plate or any of its attached accessories aren't going anywhere. zwissplates

Above: Zwiss Plate V2 with a Zamerican V3 Large Arm & The Wireless Plate screwed into the Zwiss Plate

The Zwiss Plate was made as a companion to our Wireless Plate Pro so you also have the option of mounting multiple wireless receivers. The Wireless Plate Pro comes with a strip of Velcro to attach to your wireless receivers, securely mounting them to your rig.

Panasonic AG-AF100 with zwiss plate

Above: Panasonic AG-AF100 mounted with Zwiss Plate & more

Decide what camera accessories you need to mount to your rig and choose the Zwiss Plate that works best for you! Check Out More Images in Our Photo Gallery
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