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The Zephyr300 is Zacuto's 15mm lightweight support plate custom made for the Panasonic HPX300. It works in conjunction with a Quick-Release Tripod Plate (not included with the camera) and the actual stainless steel V-Wedge triangle from the HPX300 camera. Zephyr300 allows you to adjust the 15mm rods up, down, left & right to align your matte box to the lens on the camera. You can also mount a follow focus or lens support if desired. It has a unique long design, with an opening in the bottom which gives room for adjusting buttons in the lower front of the camera. This design is extremely lightweight yet very strong. Like all Zacuto products, it is made from the highest quality materials, built to the most extreme tolerances and backed with a lifetime warranty.

This is the only plate on the market for the NEW Panasonic HPX300, since Panasonic changed the way LWS plates mount to the bottom of their cameras. After attempting to make a spacer for the new Panasonic, we decided that it would simply be easier to make a custom Zephyr plate.

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