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MicroBOOM now shipping! Get in line now!
zgrip triggers

Zacuto Zgrip Trigger - our most adjustable grip ever!

Introducing our most adjustable grip ever - the Zgrip Trigger! Flip it down, raise it up, and pack it away in seconds. Plus, we've included single-handed 360° rotation for comfort and anti-fatigue. Use as a rock-solid, low handgrip or set it higher in an Aaton style position. When you're done for the day, or just want to put your rig flat on a surface, flip up the grip so it sits neatly next to your camera.

Attaching Your Zgrip Trigger to Your Rig

The Zgrip Trigger attaches to a standard Arri M6 rosette with a secure connection. This makes it the perfect handgrip accessory for our VCT Pro baseplate - a universal VCT-style baseplate with a sliding top plate and other unique features that help balance your rig. If you have our older VCT Universal, you can add a rosette to the side of your baseplate with this easy accessory. vct pro baseplate from zacuto with rosette
VCT Pro Baseplate
Another option for those not using our VCT Pro (which you should because it's awesome!), is the Rosette Minimount. This slides onto 15mm lightweight rods and gives you two M6 Rosettes to attach your Zgrip Trigger.

Pick your Zgrip Trigger!

zgrip trigger standard model Zgrip Trigger A standard handgrip for any camera. Perfect for DSLR rigs, RED cameras, and more. ORDER
canon zgrip trigger Canon Zgrip Trigger Relocate the Canon grip for all C-series cameras to a comfortable position on your rig. ORDER
fs7 zgrip trigger FS7 Zgrip Trigger Designed to perfectly match the grooves of the Sony FS7 handgrip. The 360° rotation is at the top of this grip so you can pivot to find a comfortable position. ORDER
fs7 ii zgrip trigger FS7 II Zgrip Trigger Similar design to FS7 model above, with slight variations in the vertical track to match the shape of Sony's FS7 II handgrip. ORDER
rosette zgrip trigger Rosette Zgrip Trigger Compatible with the Sony FS5 and FS5 II grip (with included rosette adapter), the Ursa Mini grip, the Canon ZSG-C10 Zoom Grip, and many more. ORDER
zgrip trigger standard model Trigger Arm If you have been using our rod based 15mm grips, use the Trigger Arm to retrofit your current grip to the Zgrip Trigger system. ORDER
If you have any questions about the Zgrip Trigger's please contact our sales and customer service team at or 312 863 3456. Live chat is also available on the Zacuto Store during business hours. #withmycamera
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