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Zacuto Universal Cage - A Perfect Companion for Your Canon EOS R5C

Zacuto Universal Cage - A Perfect Companion for Your Canon EOS R5C

The world of photography and cinematography is ever-changing with newly updated cameras. One such new kid on the block is the Canon EOS R5C. It might be the smallest Cinema EOS but is capable of capturing breathtaking 8K video and detailed 45MP photos. It is packed with specifications like long-duration recording, high-resolution 20fps and 12fps  photos, professional 8k, 30fps video footage, 12-bit RAW footage up to 2.6Gbps, HDR recording formats, advanced connectivity, and many more. The design is compact but robust with dust and moisture resistance.

However, mirrorless cameras like this are better with extra security and places to mount accessories. But what can give you this additional protection and a few more benefits? A camera cage is a solution! 

What is a Camera Cage?

A camera cage is a one-stop solution to all your problems related to stability and additional mounting points for external microphones, monitors, EVFs, or video lighting. It can simplify your workflow to a great extent. A camera cage is a mounting system that offers extra stabilization and specialty mounted tools that enable you to shoot high-quality videos.

The use of the cage is effortless. You just need to fit the camera inside the main body of the cage and then mount all the accessories on the cage.

Camera Cage

Benefits of Investing in a Camera Cage

Better Stability and Security

Shooting videos comfortably and steadily is a task, especially while using interchangeable lens cameras that are primarily made for video and photography. The cage gives you a stable form while shooting your videos.

Mounting Options

There are so many other things needed while shooting a feature video. For example, an electronic viewfinder needs to be mounted, and it would be a problem if you also want to mount a shotgun mic simultaneously. All these can be appropriately mounted on the cage without you worrying about the weight of these accessories.

DSLR shoulder rig

Helpful in Small Production Houses

Small productions may not have an extra-large team for varied tasks. For example, a technique known as follow focus (keeping a subject in focus while tracking or dollying the camera) can be achieved by the extra accessories attached. The bottom part of the cage allows you to easily connect to a camera baseplate which provides a steady platform for matte boxes and lens filter systems, which help control the lens flare in cinematography.

Better Resale Value

As new cameras come on the market, people wish to upgrade to better ones. In such situations, you'd want to sell yours. You could get a better resale value if no minor toll marks or blemishes are caused due to tripod plates or installing handles. Using a camera cage protects your camera and keeps it like new for an extended period.

Universal Cage by Zacuto

The Universal Cage by Zacuto is an adjustable cage that can accommodate varied camera sizes. Packed with several features and benefits, it can be the perfect companion for your Canon R5C. Here's why:

  • It is lightweight hence easy to carry around
  • It includes a Zacuto camera hand strap that offers a comfortable and secure grip on the camera
  • It has a built-in Z-Rail that can be used for mounting an additional handle or an accessory. The top of the cage has several 1/4 20 threads for extra mounting points. The bottom of the cage offers 2 1/4" 20 threads and a 3/8" 16 thread for attaching the tripod plate
  • It also has a built-in Arca Swiss compatible plate that ensures quick mounting and release of the Marauder Mini, ACT Baseplate, and ACT Mounting Plate. The ease allows you to shift from handheld to shoulder mount or tripod shooting effortlessly. You can rapidly change your point of view from static to an immersive one
  • The cage is designed in such a way that you have access to the battery door and ensures complete button control of your camera
  • It is truly universal so you can use it with any of your DSLRs or DSLM cameras! 

A better flow in videography allows you to be more creative and lets you focus solely on camera settings like the lighting, exposure, or composition. Camera cages might just hold things for us, but it frees us to shoot better videos. And with reliable Zacuto accessories, you're almost there!

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