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Sony FX3 Cage and Z-Finder

Zacuto Announces First Look at the Sony FX3 Z-Finder and Cage

Earlier this year, Sony announced the Sony FX3 full frame camera to their Cinema Line of cameras which includes the newly released Sony FX6. It does have the Alpha branding on it though and is said to be a repackaged Sony A7S III. Sort of confusing….. 

Regardless, the FX3 lacks a viewfinder of any sort which is a major complaint among the filmmaking community. Zacuto Product Designer and DP Jens Bogehegn says “ When using a camera that only has a flip out screen that is several inches across, it's very apparent that magnification of the image to check focus is imperative. Not to mention, the shading of external light so as to see the image at all if outside and to judge composition and the quality of the image.” 

We have already had some requests for our famous Z-Finder to work with the FX3 so we went to work to develop a robust Z-Finder solution and lightweight cage to accommodate the Z-Finder.

Jens Bogehegn says, “The challenges for us on this camera were to attach our Z-Finder to the delicate screen without damaging the articulating hinge.  We want to maintain the vertical tilt ability of the monitor while making a robust connection to the camera body so as to protect the monitor and have the monitor with Z-Finder hold its tilt position. I believed we achieved this and more.” 

Here is what we came up with: 

 Sony FX3 Cage and Z-Finder

Features of the Zacuto Sony FX3 Cage and Z-Finder: 

Arca compatible with tapped holes to use other QR plates
HDMI strain relief clamp 
Z-Rail built in for Top handles and Monitor mounts
Compatible with Sony’s handle 
Extra extension for more real-estate when Sony handle not in use. Includes a cold shoe, more 1/4 20’s and Z-Rail. 
Z-Finder flips open for access to touch screen
Z-Finder mounts off the cage for a robust hinge and articulation

Pricing will be announced soon. Availability is early May 2021. 

Tired of getting a new cage with every new camera?

The Zacuto Universal Cage is a great cage that will work with almost any DSLR and DSLM camera including the Sony FX3.  

Zacuto Universal Camera Cage with Sony FX3

Leave us some comments about your thoughts on our First Look at the Sony FX3 Cage and Z-Finder. 

If you want to learn more about the key differences between the A7S III and the Sony FX3 or see some footage from the Sony FX3 check out Philip Bloom's video

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David F - October 31, 2022

It would be extraordinary if this could work on the a7s iii

Henry Zammit Cordina - August 16, 2022

Awesome …Go for it Zacuto….You rock

Steve Avery - November 16, 2021

Is there an update on when this will be available for purchase? Looks great!

Bernhard Witzmann - October 6, 2021

Please don’t forget to try if the Sony SELC1635G 16-35mm T3.1 G has enough place …

Paul Degenève - October 6, 2021

Hello ! If you’re a solo film maker, where do you plug your headphone to monitor the sound ? That’s a major issue for a lot of professionals

Leon Lorenz - April 28, 2021

For wildlife filmmaking this articulating mount and Z-Finder will be indispensable. Thank you Zacuto for making this available for the Sony FX3. Your awesome products are used by my company Canadian Wildlife Productions.

Gino - April 9, 2021

When is it available for order? Thanks, Gino

Jeff Zimmerman - April 9, 2021

Can’t wait for this to be released. The missing piece to my camera setup. Thanks!

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