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"Vicky and Sam" by Nuno Rocha

Vicky and Sam screen grabOut of three seasons of < critics > and dozens of films critiqued on our show, filmmaker Nuno Rocha's "Vicky and Sam" has received the honor of being the "Short Film To Beat" for all future submissions. Nuno artfully mixes in unexpected twists of tension and drama, and all of this, in a 13:39 minute film. Not only is this one of the best narrative stories told on the web, it's a serious contender for Best in Short Film ~ anywhere. Shot on location in Austin, Texas, Nuno puts together an amazing cast of characters and creates the feel of old Hollywood glamour amidst the modern age of filmmaking. Fabulous acting, writing, screen direction, sound, movement, editing, music and much more, this narrative drama is truly worthy of our recognition. You've done what I've been begging filmmakers to do on the Internet ~ create emotion. Congrats! ~ Steve Note: To watch the full length "Vicky and Sam" short film, go to Enjoy! Learn More About Nuno Rocha
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