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MicroBOOM shipping soon!
MicroBOOM shipping soon!
Panasonic releases the Lumix GH5M2 and GH6

Panasonic releases the Lumix GH5M2 and GH6

Panasonic just announced the release of two new cameras that the filmmaking industry have been waiting for.  The first camera released is an updated version of the very popular GH5, the Lumix GH5M2.  Also announced is the development of the Lumix GH6 camera. 

Panasonic LUMIX GH5M2

The GH5M2 is capable of 4K 60p 4:2:0 10-bit video recording and wireless live streaming capability to move your images forward. Nokishita published a full specifications sheet. You can view that here.

It also has the same form factor as the GH5. Therefore, it has been tested and works with our GH5 Camera Cage. Our GH5M2 Camera Cage is Arca Swiss Compatible, lightweight, and gives you a solid foundation for mounting top handles, side handles, monitors, EVFs and more!  The Panasonic GH6 camera will have its own GH6 Camera Cage. 

           GH5 Mark IIGH5 Mark II Rig
If you own the OG GH5 and are upgrading, the accessories you have should be compatible with this newer model, which is fantastic news for any filmmaker. If you are waiting and going to upgrade to the GH6 in the Fall, well that is a different story! 
Panasonic Quote

Panasonic LUMIX GH6

Also announced today is the development of the Panasonic GH6. It is expected to ship by the end of 2021.

Here is what we know about the GH6 so far:  

  • 4:2:2 10-bit DCI 4K/60p recording capability
  • 10-bit 4K 120p High Frame Rate (HFR) and Variable Frame Rate (VFR) for high resolution slow/quick motion video
  • Records 10-bit 5.7K 60p video by taking full advantage of the newly developed Micro Four Thirds sensor
  • Enables photo/video hybrid-use for various purposes including films, music videos, documentaries and short clips for social media .


Zacuto will have a camera cage and accessories compatible with the GH6 at the time the camera is ready to ship. Make sure you stay tuned to our social channels, and sign up for our newsletters for new releases! 

Update- Zacuto released their Panasonic GH6 camera cage on February 21, 2022. 





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