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Introducing Zacuto Studios: Zacuto’s Newest Division

Introducing Zacuto Studios: Zacuto’s Newest Division

The increasing demand for video content and marketing has put lots of pressure on brands to be better and produce better content. Great equipment, dedicated shooting space, editing on the go, and the technological aid to stream content live; all at an affordable cost will help streamline video marketing for your business. 

Zacuto, an established filmmaking gear manufacturer, is coming with their newest division – Zacuto Studios.

About Zacuto Studios

Zacuto Studios presents the only three permanent and staged studio facilities in Chicago. We provide a dedicated space for producing quality broadcast, mixing, and editing video content on the same day, and an opportunity to stream live on social media channels.

What do we offer?

Zacuto Studios offers two options – live video or recorded video. The idea is to ensure that the customer leaves with a ready-to-use video that can be uploaded or shared easily. With our Skype capabilities, it’s easier for companies to connect with their audience and invite industry experts to be a part of the production. In addition, our studio helps you in promoting your video content on forums, live events, and social media platforms. Live videos can be very effective to grow your reach.

The Zacuto Studio Sets

Contemporary Set

The most versatile of all, this 11’x16’x14’ set features varied color configurations with a back wall and bookshelves. The set can seat 2 – 3 guests and has 2 screens. One small screen can be used to Skype guests and the other 55” TV for branding or displaying images and videos.

Zacuto Studios Contemporary Set

Mid Century Modern Set

The 12’x20’x14’ set comfortable for 4 people is the largest we have. The large screen at the back can be used for images, videos, and branding. A vintage 1958 TV is the centerpiece but can be replaced with a modern flatscreen if required.

Urban Loft Set

This set features an industrial look and is the newest of all. The 17’x19’14’ set can seat up to 3 people. The doorway entrance can be easily customized for a walk and other such actions. The back wall features a faux window that can show a different geographic location.

Urban Loft Set - Zacuto studios

Benefits of Choosing Zacuto Studios

Our double camera rig makes it easy for you to speak directly in the camera. We make sure that it sounds like the final edit.

If a business requires real laughs and applause for a special event, we can put up a complete show (both live and taped).

Get teleprompter services so that your message gets across easily. No need to worry about memorizing the whole content as your script is converted into a readable format in big letters that are displayed on the screen.

Most segments won’t need editing; hence videos will take very little time to produce. Also, the cost per show can be very low as there is hardly any post-production involved.

We offer great flexibility in show formats. Be it videocasts, demonstrations, product launches, talk shows, etc.

Our operators are highly experienced in varied production types like sporting, corporate videos, live events, commercials, news, etc. With several years of experience and knowledge of software and equipment, Zacuto Studios are qualified to take on any project.

Zacuto Studios Control Room

Whether it is a last moment unusual demand or a technical issue, our operators are experienced in ensuring smooth production and delivery. With the experience of our parent company ‘Zacuto’ established in the market for 20 years, we are sufficiently equipped to work on all that you need.

About Zacuto

Zacuto was founded 20 years ago in Chicago. We specialize in creating and selling camera accessories that are known worldwide by hobbyists, event shooters, and filmmakers. The products are specially designed to make long shooting days comfortable and easy. Our signature products include – 

  • Z-Finder – The viewfinders that can cater to varied camera models, help with eyesight issues, and help in filtering out the extra light.
  • Generation Recoil Rigs – The rig stays balanced on your shoulder and enables you to record even when your hands are away.
  • They also dive deeper by providing cables, batteries, camera cages, rods, handgrips, software, etc.

“Innovate. Inspire. Create” is our motto and we’ve abided by it for years and are now considered as a standard in the market.

Our new addition Zacuto Studios offers a complete package of videography, casting, set designing, editing, transcribing, animation design, and branding. We can help you achieve it all!  Get in touch with us today to get started!

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