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MicroBOOM now shipping! Get in line now!
Sony Burano Baseplate Rig

First Look at the Sony Burano Camera with Timothy Fare-Matthews

Sony announced the Burano joining the Venice and Venice 2 in the Sony Cine Alta. The Venice was released in September 2017 and was Sony's first full-frame sensor high-end digital cinematography camera. Now Sony is stepping up their game with the Burano. It is the first PL mount camera that has IBIS (in body stabilization). 

For all the specs and features, check out CineD. They have a very nice article and interview with Sony expert Daniel Listh at a press event. 

Sony Burano Accessories: 

At Zacuto, we like to take a look at the ergonomics of the camera and figure out the best way to make it balanced, and comfortable on your shoulder with a wide variety of lens sizes and weights. The Burano looks quite nice out of the box. We haven’t had the opportunity to see it in person to do any testing ourselves but with lots of new articles, and videos we can make some thoughts. With the inclusion of a touch screen and a loupe to turn it into an EVF and a removable grip, it looks easier to rig for shoulder out of the box than some of Sony’s past cameras like the Sony FX6.  With the addition of a nice comfy shoulder pad like our VCT Pro Baseplate, we think you will be ready to throw this on your shoulder and live up to one of Sony’s taglines for Burano “Easily configurable for solo and team production.”

sony burano rig

The Kameleon EVF Pro will be a nice high resolution viewfinder for the Sony Burano, if you want to save your monitor for the assistance and/or to give easy access to the touch screen and menus. We are also looking into making a Burano Z-Finder to add to the LCD screen so you don't have to change the orientation of the screen when you want to quickly go from EVF mode to LCD screen. If that is something you are intersted in, let us know in the comments! 

Timothy Fare-Matthews with Sony Burano

Timothy Fare-Matthews, a Sony MEA Alpha Ambassador, was able to rig the Burano with some of our gear that he uses like a VCT Pro Baseplate, Z-Drive follow focus, and a Zamerican Arm to mount a monitor. He even put it on our VCT Rotator to shoot vertical video with the Burano. A very special thanks for Tim for all these images! 

vertical rig for burano
sony burano vertical bracket

We are excited for this new camera and excited to see what the filmmaking community shoots with it.  Sony says it will be shipping in Spring 2024 and retail price is $25,000. 

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Mandy - January 30, 2024

In response to MJ, We have the Kameleon EVF, it is still the best tech on the market. We do offer trade ups, we have an affiliate program for referrals and a VIP program. Shoot us an email.

MJ Schirmer - January 30, 2024

As a long time user and owner of Both Gratical Eye and previous Zacuto EVF models, it would be nice to see an affordable EVF (because Zacuto still makes the best IMHO) designed specifically or leaning towards the Burano (and contemporaries). It would also be nice to have a trade up program (hey- offer me something for loyalty and NUMEROUS referrals to other DP’s and Op’s over the years) for Gratical Eye’s that have stopped working and/or need burn-in refresh service.

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