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FilmFellas Webisode 12

“The Gold Standard”
Cast Three: Steve Weiss, Anish Savjani, Edward Seaton, Mike Michaud

Is the traditional Hollywood film structure starting to lose its hold on standard distribution because of the rapid growth of online films? The fellas argue that the experience of going to a movie theater is still the “Gold Standard” for the entire industry; however, there are other types of entertainment and ways you can distribution it on the web that can bring you a much bigger audience and are more profitable.

Old school mentalities that films must be seen on the big screen are changing and in turn the “Gold Standard” is being challenged. The fellas debate what is a film and whether on-screen or on-web is the right way to go for indies.

“What filmmakers need to realize that it is no sin in making something that not the gold standard, we are entertainment makers and we want make content that moves people and something we can make a living doing” explains Steve Weiss, Director.

Community building is a hot topic in all industries and the same goes for independent film. These new channels of distribution can both help and hinder filmmakers that jump on the band wagon. Find out what paths the fellas think can work best.

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