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Top 6 Picks from CineGear 2016

Top 6 Picks from CineGear 2016

Once again, we ventured to LA for this year’s CineGear 2016 Expo, where we got to meet with so many interesting professionals in the filmmaking industry. There was a wide array of film tech that we had never seen before and plenty of innovative gear that we’re looking forward to seeing in the market! Among all the gear on show this year, there were a few that stood out above the rest and really blew us away. Here are our 6 picks from the CineGear 2016 Expo - in no particular order!

1. Panavision DXL

Available in early 2017, Panavision makes big waves with this large sensor cinema camera. Capable of shooting in 8K, the camera body itself is pretty lightweight, coming in at about 10 lbs. The heating system is also an upgrade as the camera cools itself and manages to shoot quietly. The DXL utilizes an image mapping process called Light Iron Color that produces cinematic looks straight out of the camera. This process works hand in hand with the large RED-built sensor to give the footage that it shoots a very smooth, professional look. panavision dxl at cinegear 2016 zacuto

2. G-Technology G Rack 12

G-Tech brings back more of their trusted storage tech with the G-Rack 12. The G-Rack 12 is a powerful storage option that will surely come in handy for production houses, creative agencies, and more. Their streamlined process lets you work with 4k and other heavy media with an intuitive workflow. Not to mention, up to 120 TB of storage on their 12 bay servers with an optional Expansion Chassis that can store another 120 TB.

3. Photon Beard Highlight LED

Photo Beard brings a more eco-friendly solution to lighting with their Highlight LED lights. These lights output the same as their fluorescent models but cost less energy to use. The lights still stay soft but work efficiently as they direct more light where you need, as a fluorescent light would. These great energy-saving lights come with a 5 year warranty, as well.

4. SmallHD HDR monitors

SmallHD goes against their name with their new products, as they announced HDR field monitors in larger sizes (17”, 24”, 32”). The monitors come with a backlight option, giving them incredible clarity outdoors, even under direct sunlight. The monitors come with a variety of features including LUTs, scopes, custom buttons, and more. Of course, as per SmallHD, the monitors are incredibly rugged and versatile so you won’t have to worry about most on-set accidents destroying them. Small-HD-Prod-Monitors

5. Zacuto Gratical Eye

Can you blame us? Our Micro-OLED Gratical Eye EVF blew people away when we showed it to them at CineGear 2016. You’ll be hard pressed to find an EVF of this size that’s as durable (jeep tested - watch the video below) or practical. The Gratical Eye accepts an SDi input only, but with our converter bundle, the Eye can handle both SDI and HDMI out cameras.

6. Ready Rig GS

An impressive entry in the field of gimbal systems, the Ready Rig is loaded with a carbon fiber arm system that redistributes the weight of the camera rig to your hips. This gives an incredible balance to the whole system, allowing smooth camera handling and movement. Not stopping there, Ready Rig offers the ProArm extension arms that would add another foot to the range of movement that the gimbal user has. This wide range of movement paired with the great control makes this gimbal system an easy choice. ***** We love our Top 6 Picks from CineGear 2016! Take to the comments section to tell us what you loved and are excited to get your hands on next! #withmycamera
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