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Canon C200 vs Panasonic EVA1 - Zacuto Camera Shootout 2018

Canon C200 vs Panasonic EVA1 - Camera Shootout 2018

Our camera shootouts are back! Cameras have changed A LOT over the past few years since our last shootout - and so has our shootout format. For this camera shootout, we decided to do a tight comparison of two similarly featured and priced cameras, the Panasonic EVA1 vs Canon C200. And then, we shared the footage and answered your questions live on Facebook.

The Set Up

Bruce Logan, ASC designed and administered a series of tests in Chicago with Mitch Gross from Panasonic and Ken Rowe from Canon in January 2018. We color graded at Canon’s facility in Burbank LA — with all parties present. We shot 6 tests: day and night interior, day and night exterior, motion blur and slow motion. Zacuto, as always, has no horse in this race. In the past, we‘ve produced a documentary about the shootout and always let the administrator conduct the tests in their own way. This shootout is no exception. Our crew shot the behind the scenes clips and produced the live show.

Camera Shootout 2018 - LIVE!

Steve Weiss mediates a live discussion of the Panasonic EVA1 vs Canon C200 head-to-head match with test administrator Bruce Logan, ASC, Mitch Gross from Panasonic USA, and Tim Smith from Canon. The live show format allowed us to easily respond to your comments and answer your questions. (This is the first of many new LIVE shows from Zacuto. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay up to date!) As always, there are no winners in these shootouts because everyone has different needs. Use, form-factor, needed resolution, dynamic range, features, color science, codecs and the ‘image look’ should drive your decision. Here are some tips from Bruce Logan on how to choose a camera.

Test Footage in 4k

If you would like to see the RAW files, please email us at Side by side Canon C200 and Panasonic EVA1 footage, plus tests not shown on the live show including motion blur and slow motion. (NOTE: There was an error with our original 4k file. This one is correct. Aplogies for the error.) We're happy to keep answering your questions, so please comment below and we can keep the conversation going! #withmycamera
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