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BTS on Entourage & The Affair - One on One with Fierberg, ASC

BTS on Entourage & The Affair - One on One with Fierberg, ASC

Go behind the scenes - BTS on Entourage from HBO and Showtimes The Affair with the Cinematographer responsible for creating their notable looks. Watch Episode 1: My Path to Hollywood and Episode 2: The Look of “Secretary” here.

Watch Episode 3: The Style of “Entourage”

Steven Fierberg, ASC shot 25 episodes of Entourage from 2004-2006 during which time he created many of the central looks and famous scenes of the show. In particular, the party scenes were always an exciting challenge. He was also the Cinematographer on the 2015 movie, Entourage, which had some amazing party scenes that brought this look full circle. "It has to feel almost off-hand and natural - oh, look at that, let's shoot that!...and not overworked and not over-controlled also. There has to be a love of anarchy about it."

Watch Episode 4: Making of "The Affair"

Fierberg talks about working with different Directors on The Affair and how it is his job as Cinematographer to carry the look of the show. Plus, how he and the pilot Director established that look with specific lens choices and filters. "There was an intimacy achieved with a wide lens closeup than a telephoto closeup...The Affair is all about love, and it's a tragic love story, so it's lit, hopefully, that way."
Watch Episode 1: My Path to Hollywood and Episode 2: The Look of “Secretary” here.

Steven Fierberg, ASC and Steve Weiss

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Steven Fierberg, ASC is an award-winning cinematographer whose work spans both the big and small screens. He lensed the first 25 episodes of Doug Ellin's hit HBO series, Entourage, as well as the Warner Bros feature of Entourage. Recent work includes Showtime's Golden Globe Award-winner The Affair and the New York Times-produced Nine Kisses, directed by Elaine Constantine. Fierberg served on the board of the ASC and the screening committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). He received the ASC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography for the miniseries Atilla.


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Steve Weiss is an Emmy winning Director and Producer with over 700 commercial, corporate, documentary, web-series, and fashion projects to his name. Steve and Jens founded Zacuto in 2000 and still design every single product. He has been an avid supporter of web TV for many years, with shows like Filmfellas and Critics. His most recent series, How to Make Money as a Filmmaker explores the corporate filmmaking market.

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