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RED Shoulder Rig from Zacuto for RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 Cameras

Behind-the-Scenes with RED Shoulder Rigs and Zacuto

Our EVF Recoil for RED DSMC2 rig and accessories are compatible with any RED DSMC2 body, which includes the Raven, Weapon, Epic Weapon, and Scarlet Weapon, Monstro, Helium and Gemini. This rig is designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. It's perfect for long shooting days and one-man-band setups. Here's a look at three filmmakers and their experiences working with our RED shoulder rig.

First Look!! Zacuto Live and Filmmaker Johan Corilla

Johan Corilla, from Broken Moon Pictures, was the first filmmaker to get a look at our new RED shoulder rig in October 2018. After spending some time with the rig on his RED Epic-W cameras he joined Zacuto Owners and Product Designers, Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn, on an episode of #ZacutoLive on Facebook to talk about the rig. Watch the episode below to get a full rundown of the rig and thoughts from Johan.
"Even with a camera body that is tricky like the RED DSMC2 camera bodies, this whole system collapses in seconds and fit in a camera bag or on a flat surface. The top plate is light in design, gimbal friendly, and supports the strange size of the CP2s and Canon CN-E primes. The z rail on the front of the top plate is the best design yet. It lets you place the EVF out and above the lens where it wants to live... Save the headache of buying multiple pieces from multiple different manufactures and get your Red to work as well as it does with the Red EVF Recoil system. It's a good value. Can't wait to see what Zacuto does next." - Johan Corilla, Filmmaker, Broken Moon Pictures

Last Call and the RED Helium 8K Camera

Go behind-the-scenes with the crew of Last Call creating a split-screen feature with two RED Helium 8K cameras and two customizaed Recoil Rigs with dual grips, including a rosette style grip for the Nucleus M. Shot in two true single takes, filmed simultaneously in two different parts of a city, "Last Call," is a real-time feature presented in split screen showcasing both ends of a wrong number phone call that has the potential to save a life From Filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth, starring Daved Wilkins

Off Season and the RED Scarlet-W Camera

Off Season, from Director Skyler Carkhuff and Producer Luke Marcus Rosen, follows a couple who are grieving over the loss of their newborn baby as they try to continue their lives with some form of normalcy after moving outside of New York City. The feature shot 10 days in March 2018 and production continued in November 2018 with the use of the Zacuto EVF Recoil for RED DSMC2.
"After the first half of production, we realized our camera needed to be lighter and more efficient to tackle the second half of our shoot. Having the Zacuto , tremendously helped our run-n-gun, micro budget indie. We were limited to a single 15 passenger van to move all gear and crew, so having a reliable, highly functional camera package was key to ensure the production’s success. Zacuto did not disappoint, as the EVF recoil rig allowed one or two man operation to be effortless. The entire rig could be picked up off sticks and thrown on the shoulder in seconds, which helped make our days." - Luke Marcus Rosen, Producer


For more information on our rigs and accessories for RED cameras or contact our customer service team at or 312 863 3456. #withmycamera

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