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25 fun filmmaking facts from zacuto

25 Fun Filmmaking Facts Featuring Holiday Movies

What's sweet, silly, and sometimes sad? There's usually snow, occasionally animals talk, often families will drive you crazy (but you love them anyway), and from time Santa appears. Did you guess Christmas movies?! OK, so that was seriously cheesy and a terrible riddle BUT we've got a super cheesy holiday movie infographic so we figure it's a fitting introduction. Behind all the holiday cheer are the actual film production crews that bring us the magic. From Die Hard to The Polar Express, it takes just as much hard work, organization, and talent to make a Christmas movie as it does any other. To celebrate the movie magic of the holidays we've compiled these 25 fun filmmaking facts from the sets of these top-rated holiday movies. We had fun making this and hope you enjoy looking through it. Tell us your favorite holiday movie in the comments!

25 Fun Filmmaking Facts Featuring Holiday Movies

(Click to enlarge.) 25 fun filmmaking facts from zacuto holiday movies

Want a Little More? Oh, OK!

No film is perfect. Here are a few little goofy mistakes from some favorite holiday movies from IMDB. A Bad Moms Christmas (2017) - Where are we? The character Carla is seen drinking from a RaceTrac gas station cup. There are no RaceTrac gas stations in Chicago, where the film took place. The movie was filmed in Atlanta where RaceTrac is headquartered. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) - Fake snow anyone? A white "Poly Blanket" used as snow for big, flat areas can clearly be seen in a tree during the scenes when Santa and the Sandman are visiting Sylvia and Bud. Bad Santa (2003) - Quick costume change? During a scene in Bob Chipeska's office, Bob's Christmas themed necktie changes style and color. Four Christmases (2008) - Movie driving is always tricky. In one scene, our two main characters are in the car. Based on the background, the car has made a sharp turn but the driver never moves the steering wheel. Whoops! Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights (2002) - During the scene at the ice rink café the character of Elenor is eating a corn dog. When the shot shows the café board, corn dogs are not on the menu. Mysterious corn dogs! #withmycamera
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