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Zacuto Zamerican arms are quick-releasable articulating arms used to mount video and film accessories such as on-board monitors, sound recorders and lights to rigs. Zamerican arms come in a variety of lengths, sizes and kits. They are made with chrome balls for smooth articulation, aluminum ends for rust reduction and stainless steel to increase strength and reduce bulk. Unlike other brands of articulating arms, Zamerican arms do not have the normal ¼” 20 screws on their ends. Instead, Zacuto arms have 15mm rods on both ends, utilizing Zacuto quick-release technology. This saves the user time and makes the release of accessories much easier.

Zamerican arms eliminate wobbling and the need for screwing and unscrewing accessories. Thanks to Zacuto quick-release technology, you can attach or release accessories with the simple flip of a lever while everything is rock solid. These arms are the perfect tool for mounting monitors but users have the option of mounting pretty much any accessory they want. Of course if you would like a screw tap on the end of your Zamerican arm, Zacuto can provide that option with either our ½” to ¼” 20 adapter or our ½” to 3/8” 16 adapter. Furthermore, if you have a traditional screw type arm and want to save time and convert to a quick-release arm, you can use Zacuto ZUD’s to do that. They turn a ¼” 20 or 3/8” 16 screw into a 15mm rod.

Screw Adapters

Noga arm with Zacuto ZUD’s mounted

Because both ends of Zamerican arms are tapped for 15mm rods, they can also be extended using Zacuto male rod extensions. With this feature, Zamerican arms can be any length you want them to be. In order to take advantage of the Zacuto quick-release feature, Zamerican arms do require a Z-Release (quick-release) mount on each end of the arm.

Z-Release mounts include:

Zicromount—The Zicromount is the first and most basic Zacuto 15mm rod clamp mount. It consists of a 15mm hole and a ¼” 20 screw. Simply screw the Zicromount onto whatever accessory you desire with the Zicromount’s ¼” 20 screw and attach the Zicromount to your Zamerican arm or 15mm rod by tightening the red lever.

Zicromount 3 —The Zicromount 3 is another 15mm rod clamp device that works exactly the same as the Zicromount with a few minor improvements. The Zicromount 3 features two prongs that hold your monitor or other accessories in place, preventing them from spinning off of the ¼” 20 screw.

Z-Mount 2—The Z-Mount 2 is a 15mm rod clamp device that allows users to mount a monitors or other devices onto a Zamerican arm or 15mm lightweight support rod. It consists of two 15mm holes. The Z-Mount 2 is ideal for mounting a monitor to Zacuto Zgrips or anywhere along a 15mm rod.

• Z-Mount Zwivel 2—The Z-Mount Zwivel 2 combines our Zwivel technology with two quick release ratcheting levers to create a multipurpose mount. Each 15mm rod port is controlled by a single quick release ratcheting lever and can be twisted independently using our spring release Zwivel technology.

Zandy—The Zandy functions in the same way as the Z-Mount 2 but features a 19mm rod hole on one end instead of a 15mm rod hole on each end. It is the perfect tool for mounting a Zamerican arm along a 19mm rod.

Zdapter Stand Mount—The Zadapter Stand Mount Kit allows Zamerican arms to mount to 5/8″ light stands, c-stands or Panavision rods. It is ideal for mounting a monitor to a rolling stand in the studio.

Zwiss Plate

Zwiss Plate V2—The Zacuto Zwiss Plate allows users to mount articulating arms, rods, batteries, converter boxes and various other camera accessories to their camera support system. Unlike other cheese plates, the Zwiss Plate has two sets of industry standard 15mm rod holes spaced 60mm apart. This allows vertical mounting onto standard 15mm rods. You can also use the Zwiss Plate to mount a variety of accessories or brick style batteries and battery plates.

Q-mount Lightweight

Q-Mounts (various sizes)—Q-Mounts are universal Z-Release mounts for 15mm lightweight, 15mm studio or 19mm studio rod systems. They feature two 15mm rod clamps on either side and a 15mm rod hole in the middle or off center.  They can be installed anywhere on your rod system without removing any equipment by attaching from underneath the rods and tightening the outer levers.


Zaffer—The Zaffer is a combination of the Avenger Super Clamp and the Zicromount. This tool allows you to attach 15mm rods or Zamerican arms to mount monitors, lights, hard drives and so on, to anything you can clamp the Zaffer on to, such as tripod legs.

Zamerican V3 Arms

Zamerican Arms V2 come in two sizes: small (6-inch), and large (12-inch). Zacuto also offers medium and small Zamerican Jr. arms. Zamerican Jr. arms only articulate on one end. The other end is still tapped for 15mm rods but the end will not move.

To make this easy, we have also created a couple arm kits. These are the most popular configurations:

From left to right: Zonitor Handheld kit & Zonitor ENG Small arm

Zonitor Handheld—The Zonitor Handheld kit allows users to quick-release a monitor or another accessory from a Zamerican arm from the Zacuto 15mm Z-Mount or 19mm Zandy. The arm mounts on one rod using the Zacuto 15mm Z-Mount or 19mm Zandy.

Zonitor ENG Large—The Zonitor ENG Large is a Large Zamerican arm with Zicromount 3s on either end. This kit allows you to quick-release a monitor from a Zamerican arm as well as the arm from the top of your camera.

Zonitor ENG Small—The Zonitor ENG Small is a Small Zamerican arm with Zicromount 3s on either end. This kit allows you to quick-release a monitor from a Zamerican arm as well as the arm from the top of your camera.

Like all Zacuto kits and products, our arm kits are adjustable and adaptable. With all the different arms and quick-release mounts, the possibilities are virtually limitless. If you need help coming up with an arm configuration for your camera rig, please email Sales or give us a call at 312-863-3456.


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