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Zacuto New Products

We’re excited to announce our new products – the Gratical HD and LT EVF, VCT Universal Baseplate, and Control Grip. See below for an overview of the of the new products!

Projected release dates as of October 2014:
VCT Universal Baseplate – October/November 2014
Gratical HD EVF – January 15, 2015
Gratical LT EVF – Early 2015
Control Grip – March 2015
Zacuto New Products

Gear & Tools

Zeiss and Canon Lens Supports

Zeiss and Canon Lens SupportsWith a wide variety of lens mount adapters from aftermarket companies and the camera companies themselves, we’re no longer held back by a camera’s default lens mount.

How do you securely support these often long and heavy lenses, particularly on DSLR cameras with only one screw mount connecting a camera to a baseplate? And, how do you get that support without adding an arduous screw mount procedure to every lens change? These questions and challenges inspired the Zacuto design team to create the Canon Lens Support and Zeiss Lens Support.

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In the News

HDVideoPro Magazine—The Chicago Way

magazine editor, Neil Matsumoto, visited the Zacuto offices for a unique tour. He spoke with Steve and Jens about being video pioneers, the origins of Zacuto, new products, and the democratization of filmmaking…

“Oh, I hate that word!” shouts Zacuto director and product designer Steve Weiss in his office when I bring up the word “democratization” in regard to filmmaking. “I have to stop you right now. This is not a democracy. The fact that they say that video is accessible to everybody is socialism.”

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Tips & Tricks

Top Tips for the Wedding Storyteller by Michael Liu

 The Wedding StorytellerThe rise of digital filmmaking, through tools like DSLR video, has opened new doors and created higher standards throughout the event filmmaking industry.

This is not lost on brides in this detail-heavy industry. More and more brides are demanding higher quality wedding films from boutique wedding cinematography companies.

So, here’s my top four tips for new and beginning event filmmakers:

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Product Reviews

Canon C300/500 Recoil Review by JJ Kelley

National Geographic’s JJ Kelley treks through Africa capturing the beauty of the continent with his C300 camera and Zacuto Recoil shoulder mounted rig. Running through jungles to catch that perfect shot, his gear must be totally adaptable on this unpredictable shoot.

He’s using Zacuto’s C300/C500 Z-Finder, Grip Relocator, Helmet Coldshoe Handle Kit and Z-Drive/Tornado Follow Focus to complete his C300 rig.

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