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Zacuto Announces New Products for NAB 2014

NAB 2014Zacuto’s booth at NAB 2014 was a huge success! Traffic was constantly moving and our new products had great positive response. And we won Best in Show for our new EVF, the Gratical HD.

Our Control Grip unfortunately didn’t make it due to some last minute tweaks for Zacuto’s high quality standards, but stay tuned for updates and we’ll be showcasing it at Cine Gear in June.

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Zeiss and Canon Lens Supports

Zeiss and Canon Lens SupportsWith a wide variety of lens mount adapters from aftermarket companies and the camera companies themselves, we’re no longer held back by a camera’s default lens mount. The team at Zacuto knows we’re all the better for it! But with great lenses comes great responsibility. How do you securely support these often long and heavy lenses, particularly on DSLR cameras with only one screw mount connecting a camera to a baseplate? And, how do you get that support without adding an arduous screw mount procedure to every lens change? These were the questions and challenges that inspired the Zacuto design team to create the Canon Lens Support and Zeiss Lens Support.

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BOSCPUG, Emerson College, Zacuto and an Academy Award Winning Filmmaker

BOSCPUGThe Boston Creative Pro User Group just wrapped up two Emerson College events as part of BOSCPUG’s Documentary and Film Festival month in March and user group leader Daniel Bérubé called upon Zacuto to get involved in a special way.

Bérubé, an Emerson ’89 alumni, was asked by Anna Feder of Emerson’s Department of Visual and Media Arts to establish the audience award for both the IT’S ALL TRUE: Student Documentary Showcase and the 14th Annual Emerson College Film Festival.

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Tips & Tricks

Student Filmmaker Series: Part 3 – One Piece At A Time: What Gear Do You Need To Make Great Film?

Student Filmmaker Series: Part 3 - One Piece At A TimeTo make a technically gorgeous film you need gear. This is a crash course on film gear. (And an homage to my former University of Missouri professor, David Rees, who hoped that one day I’d pay attention to technique. David, you were right.)

When I started Journalism school, I thought I could get by with my Pentax K1000 film-camera. A few weeks in, I realized I would need a DSLR, so I got a Nikon D70.

Part 3 of our student filmmaker series

Product Reviews

Zacuto Blackmagic Gear Review

Zacuto Blackmagic Gear Review

I recently wrapped on a feature film set in a remote motel. We knew we would be filming in tight spaces and as such had very specific equipment needs. The Zacuto products we used gave us all we hoped for and more.

As the Director of Photography (and Co-Producer) of Room 105 starring John Robinson, Lorraine Nicolson and Jonny Abrahams, my experience in run-and-gun cinematography where the name of the game is finding lightweight, fast, easy to use, and, most of all, efficient equipment was put to the test. I’m used to only getting one chance to get my shot. The last thing I wanted was for my equipment to get in my way or hold me back from delivering the high-quality images we needed.

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New In Rentals

Save 50 percent off Zacuto RentalsZacuto Rentals is stocked up on brand-new Zacuto gear for Spring. It’s shiny and new and waiting for you! Now through the end of April, all our Zacuto-brand rigs are available to rent for half price.

We’ve got all the newest accessories, like the Z-Drive and Tornado follow focus combo and the curved, comfy, universal Quick Release Shoulder Pad. Pair these new accessories with a Zacuto rental camera* or your own camera to make a balanced and effective Recoil shoulder mounted rig. Add the new Zacuto Axis EVF mount with a Half Cage or Z-Rail mount to hold your EVF and you’re ready to rock!

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