Zacuto’s Top 10 Products of 2010

Zacuto USA highlights the top 10 Zacuto filmmaking accessories of 2010!  With the explosion of DSLR's, product designers Jens Bogehegn and Steve Weiss had their work cut out for them and they delivered.  They created some innovative products to make shooting easier for many cinematographers. All products carry a lifetime warranty and are made right here in the USA.  Many products are built with quick release technology and are universal. We want to share some of Zacuto's most popular products in the filmmaking community with you. 


Z-Finder Pro
The Z-Finder Pro 2.5x and 3x is the most sought after DSLR accessory in 2010! Once you put your eye up to the Z-finder Pro you’ll never want to shoot video without it again,” says Terry White, software designer. The Z-Finder Pro 2.5x and 3x is an optical viewfinder that allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for shooting video.
Z-Finder Adhesive Frame
If you want to attach your Z-finder to multiple cameras the Z-finder Adhesive Frame is the perfect answer! It’s simple to attach and it will work with the Z-Finder Pro or the Jr on any DSLR camera.
Universal Zipgear
Number three on the list is Zacuto’s Universal Zipgear, lens gear. Making it possible and easier to pull focus, Zacuto’s Universal Zipgear works on any lenses, prime or zoom. This product uses one flexible 13.5-inch customizable gear that grips the focus ring on any lens perfectly for no slippage while racking focus. Zacuto’s Universal Zipgear
Z-Mount II
Coming in at number four is the basic rigging device that every AC should have, the Z-mount II. The Z-mount II has two 15mm holes that are situated 90 degrees of each other. Almost every Zacuto kit has a Z-mount II in it. It’s perfect for mounting our shoulder mount section of the rig to the baseplate in our offset kits like the fast draw. It is also used to mount the handgrips and gunstocks in the Gorilla line of DSLR kits.
DSLR Baseplate

The DSLR Baseplate is a top pick in the industry because of its versatility. It’s fully customizable to fit any DLSR camera body with or without battery grip and lens and still be able to line up the matte box.  The DSLR baseplate is found in all Zacuto DSLR cinema kits, such as the Fast Draw, coming in at number five on the list.

Fast Draw
The Fast Draw allows the user to have a perfectly balanced kit in a small package. This can allow for longer shooting endurance, and it can be used on a tripod kit as well. “The Fast Draw shoulder mount package from Zacuto is probably the best on the market for its price point. It’s definitely a solid investment and Zacuto really does have the worlds best costumer service,” says Jonathan Chema, DP and Director.
Now is your time to get your hands on this next top product. For a limited time when you buy the Striker we’re throwing in a free Z-finder Pro! Edmond Terakopian from the British Journal of photography says, “The Striker really helped me use a second camera and do additional footage that enriched the film. I didn’t once find a need to tighten any of the mounting clamps, and the striker worked perfectly.” Striker
Target Shooter
Another top seller in 2010 was the Target Shooter for those cinematographers just breaking into the field, shooting in tight spots or shooting for leisure. DP, Director and Filmmaker Philip Bloom says, “The Target Shooter is very simple but it makes a huge difference to stability and is very adjustable to all sorts of body types.”
Zicromount III
Coming in at number nine, the Zicromount III is a handy piece to have when customizing your rig. It is Zacuto’s universal quick release mount that is handy for mounting any accessory with a ¼ 20” thread onto a 15mm rod. It allows for you to quickly release from the rod with a flip of the lever. It’s extremely useful for mounting audio equipment, monitors, or even on-camera lights. Zicromount III
Zamerican V3 Large Arm
Zamerican V3 Large Arm The Zamerican V3 Large Arm wraps up the list at the number ten spot! Daren Findling from Finner Knows Best, said the Zamerican V3 Large Arm, “Is quite nice to work with and all their (Zacuto USA) stuff is pretty boomer!” The Zamerican V3 Large Arm is made with chrome balls for silk movement, aluminum ends for rust reduction and stainless steel to increase strength and reduce bulk. It also has Zacuto’s Z-release, quick release technology. This can be used with the Z-mount and Zicromount.


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