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No matter what size production you’re working on, Zacuto Rentals has your camera package covered.  From HDV tape-based cameras, to Panasonic P2, to HD-DLSRs, to 2/3 inch chip ENG-style cameras like the Panasonic Varicam, we can help you out.  We rent the NEW Panasonic AG-AF100.  We rent the NEW Sony F3.  We even still rent standard-definition equipment!  Our impressively complete turn-key camera packages have set the rental industry standard for excellence, yet we will still gladly supply you with the little bits and pieces you need to compliment your existing equipment.  Do you already have a camera?  Bring it in to our shop and we will help you build it out to unlock its true potential.


To shoot video in the DSLR revolution, you need more than just a camera body and a lens.  You need Zacuto.  All of Zacuto’s industry-leading products for DSLR shooting are available for rent, from our award-winning Z-Finder and EVF, to our special DSLR baseplate and stabilizing support rigs.  We are fully-stocked on DSLR batteries, microphones, lights and other camera support accessories.  No matter what supplementary items you need, Zacuto Rentals has you covered.  Plus, we do rent those camera bodies and lenses as well. 


Our glass is fast!  If you rent a camera from us, we’ve got a wide range of lenses for it as well.  We have the Canon L-series zoom lenses that are very popular with DSLR filmmakers and we also rent the new Zeiss CP2 compact prime lenses with Canon EF or PL mounts.  The CP2s are perfect for shooting on DSLRs or the new Sony F3.  We have other Zeiss distagon prime lenses as well, with a range of focal lengths for DSLR shooting, use on our Panasonic AG-AF100s, or many popular depth of field adapters such as the Letus35.


Proper video monitoring presents a problem for every video professional, but we have worked through all the kinks to offer monitor solutions for any type of video shoot.  We offer HD monitors small enough to mount on a hand-held rig as well as fully-calibrated 17-inch screens to please any director or producer.  We have solutions to run DSLR video signals to multiple monitors as well.  Give us a call and we will help you figure out the best option for your shoot.  


We have the equipment you need to create a pristine audio track.  We have wireless lavalier mics and we have ones that are wired.   We have mics to mount to your camera, mics to mount to your actors, handheld mics, and even complete boom-pole microphone kits.  Our state-of-the-art Lectrosonics wireless lavalier kits are guaranteed to comply with all recent bandwidth signal range requirements.  We rent small, portable audio recorders, signal mixers, headphones and yes, even XLR cables.  When you rent audio from Zacuto, you’re going to like what you hear.


Our philosophy for camera support is simple: rock-solid support with a minimal footprint.  To that end, we have dolly systems, jibs and camera sliders that will fold up neatly for transportation. Our gear won’t take up half of the space in your production vehicle.  All of our fluid-head tripods are fully-tested before leaving the building and they are kept up to the most stringent production standards.  


Our lighting packages are affordably priced and all-inclusive.  You won’t be left without a light stand or a sandbag because you forgot to order them.  We have camera-mounted lights, LED lights, tungsten lights, Kino Flo lights, plus the hardware you need to mount them safely.  We’re proud to rent the state-of-the-art Lite Panel 1×1 color-dimmable LED lights at a rate that’s shocking.  Call us today for a quote!


Whether your footage workflow relies on tapes or storage cards, we can supply you with the spare media you need.   We can also provide you with the card reader or tape deck you need to import your footage into a computer.  And yes, we sell tape stock for all the tape-based cameras we rent! 


Some of our Panasonic tape decks, such as the HD1400, HD1200 or HD3700 (D5), can pull double-duty as DVCPRO HD tape recorders as well.  Whether you’re playing tapes, dubbing tapes, or recording live feeds, we’ve got everything you need.