Part Two proves that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Does talent, experience and creativity trump technology? You decide!

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In Part One of Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 you were presented with unlabeled footage of a complex party scene designed by Bruce Logan ASC, the test administrator. We heard form legendary DP’s in the industry talking about what being a “cinematographer” really means to them; in many cases challenging us to rethink our understanding of camera technology and how it relates to filmmaking–and how all of that relates to talent, creativity, collaboration and experience.

In Part Two you’ll see in the audience reactions and discussions, the results are subjective and everyone has their own personal opinion on which camera looks best. While some are delightfully surprised at the image quality of one camera over another, others were upset.

Each camera DP specialist interpreted the creative shot depending on their own taste, personal style and experience, not necessarily showing the best dynamic range of their camera but to make the scene look pleasing to them. You will see actual dynamic range tests with no variables changed in Part Three coming August 15th.

The cameras you chose may surprise you, but don’t think of this as an end-all indication of which camera you should shoot your next project with. Think of it as an education in what options are available. As many have said not every camera is right for every job.

Have you made your choices from Part One yet? Prepare yourself–you might be surprised at what you see. Warning–real image quality make vary depending on your ability, experience and talent.

Great Camera Shootout - Part Three
Great Camera Shootout - Part One
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Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012


Director/Producer: Steve Weiss
DP/Producer: Jens Bogehegn
Producer/Editor: Scott Lynch
Producer/Senior Editor: Daniel Skubal
Test Administrator: Bruce Logan

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