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If we were to use one word to describe these shoulder rigs it would be BALANCE! You cannot shoot with a rig that is not balanced, you’ll be fighting fatigue on long shoots. Whether you’re shooting TV, film, documentary, wedding or news, a balanced shoulder mounted rig will keep your shots steady and allow you to shoot the whole day.

The core of the Next Generation Recoil Rigs is the VCT Universal baseplate. Zacuto’s reinvented VCT style baseplate is universal for all cameras from a tiny mirrorless to a camera the size of an ALEXA and everything in between. This is the last baseplate you’ll ever need. Next Generation Recoil rigs are designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. With lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is approximately where the lens meets the camera body.

In a Recoil rig, the balance point needs to be directly over your shoulder which puts the camera behind you. This requires focus, monitoring and camera controls to be relocated forward, creating a lighter and shorter rig.

Universal accessories like our adjustable Halfcage Rail and versatile Recoil Handle means one rig can fit all your cameras. Or, customize to fit your unique needs.

Here’s how it works

We’ve broken the camera rig into five sections—
base, top, back, front and viewfinder.


Our custom top plates for cameras like the Canon C-Series and Sony F5/55 bolt directly to the camera frame providing a wide array of accessory attachment points. Or use the Halfcage Rail which wraps around the side & top of any camera or lens offering similar accessory capable space. All these options either include or enable you to attach a Recoil Handle which is common in all kits and an essential connector point.


A crucial element for any shoulder rig is a viewfinder. We’ve got options compatible with our Gratical EVFs, Z-Finder EVF Pro, and our signature Z-Finders for a full array of cameras. The Axis Mini EVF mount attaches to the Recoil Handle and will mount every EVF on the market via either side mounted rosette or ¼” 20 on the bottom or top of your EVF. The Axis can be adjusted to any position in a 360-degree space.


The back of the VCT is tapped for Zacuto 15mm rods to mount power accessories like batteries, recorders, wireless units and more via our Zwiss Plate.


At the front of the rig are two important sections: focus control and camera control. Add our Z-drive follow focus with Tornado focusing handgrip. Perfect for a shoulder mounted rig and also compatible for tripod use.

Zacuto’s universal Control Grip offers extensive camera control for all cameras (with specific cables), plus zoom and iris control with included Z-Motor. Or, for cameras that have removable control grips like the Canon C300 or Sony FS700 we have grip relocators that place the camera grip far forward in a comfortable handgrip position.


The base is always the VCT Universal baseplate. The relationship between your shoulder, the viewfinder and your hands stays the same. The way you achieve balance is by sliding the camera/lens forward or back.

Next Generation Recoil Rigs: infinite possibilities

VCT Universa Image Map

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Thank you for your interest in Zacuto’s Next Generation Recoil Rigs. Have questions about any of these rigs or components? Please contact our sales and customer service team at (312) 863 3452 or Live chat is also available during Chicago business hours.