Meet the Zwiss Cage

Zacuto Zwiss CageIntroducing Zacuto’s multifunctional Zwiss Cage. The Zwiss Cage is Zacuto’s newest cage based DSLR camera rig. If you are familiar with our Z-Cage, the setup is quite similar with the exception of the Zacuto Zwiss Cage Plate mounted to the top of the rig.

The Zwiss Cage Plate gives you ample space to mount anything you can imagine. From small lights and monitors to professional batteries or the AJA Ki Pro Mini, the Zwiss Cage Plate can be used to mount any accessory you desire. The Zwiss Cage Plate has an abundant amount of 14” 20 and 38” 16 screw holes as well as two 15mm Zacuto Z-locks, which allow you to quick-release accessories from the rig.

Zwiss Cage with the Zacuto Top Handle

Unlike the original Z-Cage, the Zwiss Cage features staggered handles that provide you with an easier and more comfortable way of following action. What’s more, you will still be able shoot low angles with the Zwiss Cage by utilizing the Zacuto Top Handle included with this DSLR camera kit.

Zacuto's DSLR Cage: Zwiss Cage

The Zacuto Zwiss Cage with camera & accessories

The Top Handle can be moved to wherever you need it or removed completely, thanks to the Zwiss Cage Plate’s many 14” 20 and 38 ” 16 screw holes. The Top Handle is also compatible with newer DSLR cameras that do not feature a handle on the top like the Sony FS100 or Red Epic.

Zwiss Cage with the DSLR Baseplate

The conveniently located wireless plate screw holes on either side of the Zwiss Cage Plate also provide a space to mount wireless plates for holding wireless receivers, like our Wireless Plate Pro. Because the Zwiss Cage utilizes the DSLR Baseplate as the core of the rig, you can easily remove the camera from the rig if needed. You can also remove the Zwiss Cage Plate from the top of the Zwiss Cage by simply loosening the two levers connecting it to the top of the cage.

Zwiss Cage with DSLR Accessories

The Zacuto Zwiss Cage with camera & accessories

Converting Your Z-Cage into a Zwiss Cage

Current Z-Cage owners can easily convert their Z-Cage into a Zwiss Cage with the addition of a Zwiss Cage Plate and Top Handle. If you would like to have the staggered handles as well, then you will need two Z-mount IIs. Simply remove the two Z-mount Zwivels installed on your Z-Cage and replace them with the Z-Mount IIs. One Z-Mount II should be facing forward while the other should be facing backwards.

For additional stabilization and to give you different shooting positions add a Gun Stock to the back of your DSLR Baseplate for a third point of contact. The 15mm rod attached to a gunstock simply screws into the back of the DSLR Baseplate. The rod size is up to you!

Please Note: The Z-Cage product has been discontinued.

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