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Zacuto Films is proud to present our newest Featured Filmmaker Isaac Broyden. With only a Panasonic camcorder, Isaac began making films at the age of 9. In the year he turned 12, he started his own film company with his younger brother Jesse (age 8). “I love being able to tell a story using film,” says Isaac, “My desire is to make faith-based and true-life story films that have eternal value and will impact the world.” Already with 20 films to his credit, Isaac is doing just that and making a name for himself in the independent film industry, and all of this, at the age of 13. Isaac’s inspiration not only comes from his family’s dedication and admiration for the industry, but also from his two favorite Directors: Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Read Isaac’s story and find out what it takes to be an independent action filmmaker before you’re old enough to drive. Congratulations Isaac, we look forward to watching your films for years to come.
Isaac, so how do you get into the feature filmmaking industry?
I have always been interested in movies, particularly stunts in movies because my Dad, Jimmy Broyden, is a veteran Canadian stuntman and stunt coordinator of 20 years. I have been performing stunts ever since I can remember but I started to be interested in filmmaking when my Dad would get me to sit with him and study stunts in movies. We would go frame by frame and breakdown the stunt and Dad would tell me to watch how they used camera angles to portray the intensity of the stunt. From then on I wanted to make movies.

Isaac shooting White as Snow with a Canon 5D and Zacuto Z-finder on location (at home). The assistant director and fellow filmmaker, Jordan Watts, mans the Sanheiser 400 mic.
When I was 9, I asked my Dad to film my siblings and I in a short action film since he wouldn’t allow me to work the camera yet. So I told him where I wanted him to position the camera and the different angles I wanted him to use. After we saw the finished film, my Dad told me that I had potential as a filmmaker. For my 11th birthday my friend, who is also an independent action filmmaker by the name of Stephen Casson ( blessed me by giving me his old camera, a Samsung Hi8 Camcorder, as he heard that I too wanted to make films. With that camera I made about 20 short films with friends and family over the next year. Then, just after my 12th birthday, realizing that I was indeed serious about filmmaking, Stephen once again blessed me by giving me his old computer which had Adobe Premier Elements 2.0 editing software. So now I started to master the art of editing as I filmed about another 20 shorts over the next 8 months.
Then my Dad was asked to be the stunt coordinator for the Kendrick Brothers/Sherwood Pictures (Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof) upcoming film, Courageous and I went with him on the 3 week shoot in Albany, Georgia, June 2010  Dad coordinated the action; he did all the car stunts and had the actors do their own actions. I got to be the assistant stunt coordinator, an extra, and a stand-in for the actors. But the best part was that I was able to actually edit some of the footage with the on-set editors. Alex Kendrick let me call ‘action’ for one of the action scenes and then I filmed that scene with the BTS camera from the director’s chair. Also, Alex re-shot an action sequence when I pointed out that the actress should have done the action differently. It was a great experience and I learned a lot watching Alex direct and act and seeing how the on-set editors cut the scenes.
Isaac and his dad, Jimmy Broyden, rig up the Canon 5D with a homemade dolly.
In September I went to the next level of filmmaking when, through a financial blessing given to us from a group of fellow Christians, we were able to purchase a Canon 5D Mark II, Adobe CS5 Production Premium and a custom editing computer. My Dad and I were so excited because we realized that with this equipment we could make films that could rival anything out of Hollywood. We also bought a good tripod, Sanheiser 400 mini-mic, and a Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 3X, with the anti-fog that worked fantastic outside in below zero temperatures when I shot my most recent short, White as Snow. I entered White as Snow in the Dec 10th Christian Filmmaker’s 48 Hour Holiday Video contest at The film had to be under 4 minutes and we are still awaiting the judges decision. My Dad is writing his first feature film script, Tested, and we are hoping to shoot it in the next year or two. My Dad and I will direct it together.
What do you like about being a DP and an editor?
When behind the camera, I like to look through the lens as if I’m the audience so I want to keep my camera angles interesting while containing the story’s elements in each shot. While I film, I am also looking at each shot from an editing perspective. As an editor, I love the creative process of being able to take any frame and place it exactly where it belongs in order to tell the best story that I can. Adding sound FX, music and titles to finish the story also allows me to be creative. My favorite part is when the film all comes together and you have the finished product.
See below for Behind the Scenes photos of Isaac’s short film ~ Scope of God, a war film.
Isaac goes in for a close-up shot of actors J. Casson and S. Kembel with a Samsung Hi8.

Isaac follows actor M. Casson in a running scene with a Samsung Hi8.

“White As Snow” by Broyden Bros. Pictures. To see the Director’s cut, check out

In March 2010, after four years of making films for fun, Isaac Broyden officially launched his film company, Broyden Bros. Pictures, with his brother Jesse. His first film, made with a Samsung Hi8, entitled The Adventures of Jake’s Farm, is a 50 min, 3 part series DVD which has sold over a 100 copies. Now, armed with a Canon 5D Mark II and a passion for editing, Isaac’s vision is to make faith-based and true-life story films that have eternal value and will impact the world. His brother Jesse is a natural-born stuntman and brings action to their stories.
Another goal of Isaac’s is to one day race in the Baja 500 and 1000 with his Dad, professional stuntman Jimmy Broyden. They also want to document on film their experience of racing together in two of the world’s hardest off-road competitions. Isaac resides in Armstrong, B.C., Canada with his Dad, Mom, sisters Emma, Keziah and Summer and brothers Josiah, Jesse and Luke.
To learn more about featured filmmaker Isaac Broyden and to view his work, visit the sites below:
Test footage with the 5D
Isaac’s first short with the 5D, Troubled
Isaac’s link to his next short with the 5D and contest entry, White as Snow
Broyden’s Bros. Pictures YouTube channel —
Jimmy Broyden’s website —
Courageous The Movie


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  1. Steve Weiss on December 23rd, 2010 9:10 pm

    This is one special kid.

  2. Susan Rapp on December 25th, 2010 10:05 am

    Steve ~ I know. I wish I had this much drive and dedication (and talent) at the age of 13!! Once again Isaac, big congrats and can’t wait to see your next “collection” of films. ~Susan

  3. Sam Welker on January 1st, 2011 1:11 pm

    wow.. this kid is HUGELY talented. I am keeping up to date on his stuff. I can’t believe a 13 year old made this.

  4. Nathanael Macdonald on January 3rd, 2011 4:56 pm

    Great to see other people at this age making films with so much dedication. Plus, lucky kid, getting a 5D and pro Zacuto equipment!

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