Zacuto DSLR Kits

It sounds cliche these days, but it’s true – DSLR cameras are game changers! They’ve come up through the ‘indie’ ranks and are now being seen on big budget productions and studios all over the world. But, the fact remains that they are designed for photography. In order to shoot stable, clear, quality video with a DSLR you need to add viewfinders, rigs and accessories. And, that’s where Zacuto comes in – with our full line of DSLR kits!

Zacuto was among the first to recognize the potential of these amazing cameras and released the first run of the award winning Z-Finder Pro viewfinder in 2007. Since then, the Z-Finder has been honed and refined and a line of electronic viewfinders (the Zacuto EVF) has joined the party. The way we look at rigs has also evolved over the years and our current line of DSLR kits covers the spectrum from small stability kits to full blown studio quality rigs. But, which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at each of these DSLR kits and find out!

Run’n’Gun Rigs

These small, sleek stabilizing rigs are perfect for the filmmaker on the go. They all either fold up or quickly disassemble to fit into any camera bag, backpack or purse. Pick the one that fits best for you and your shooting style and instantly shoot more stable video. Adventure awaits!


The Enforcer can be used with or without a Zacuto Z-Finder and folds up in seconds. The gunstock can be flipped and adjusted with two Allens. This small stabilizer packs a real punch.


The Foldable Marauder Rig builds upon the Enforcer with an adjustable handgrip for an additional point of contact. This is one of our most popular DSLR rigs!

Target Shooter

Deceptively simple, the Target Shooter can be adjusted in multiple ways. Change the gunstock angle and rod lengths via the central pivot point with the flip of a lever. Use with or without a Z-Finder or add an EVF with the EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket.


The Striker is the most adjustable of all our run’n’gun rigs. The handgrip, gunstock and camera mount can all be swapped and adjusted independently. Use with or without a Z-Finder or add an EVF.

Sling Shot

The Sling Shot is the only run’n’gun rig specifically designed to be used with the Zacuto EVF. The comfy handgrip can be easily adjusted and angled for comfort and stability. Learn more about The Sling Shot

Inline Rigs and Recoils

Inline rigs are shoulder mounted rigs where your camera sits inline with your shoulder. That makes for shorter, lighter, more balanced cameras rigs. Most inline rigs require an offset viewfinder like the Z-Finder EVF Pro or a monitor. Recoil rigs are a special type of Zacuto inline rig where your camera is positioned directly over your shoulder. Unique accessories like the Z-Drive follow focus and Axis EVF Mount make Zacuto Recoils some of the most innovative rigs on the market.


This inline Scorpion rig features a curved shoulder pad on a ball joint with counterbalance and short double handgrips.

Scorpion with Z-Focus V2 and Z-Finder EVF Pro


The Fee-N-G has a similar size footprint as a traditional ENG style camera. Compact and steady with a top handle and single handgrip.

DSLR Recoil

The DSLR Recoil includes our curved QR Shoulder Pad directly underneath a Mini DSLR baseplate. A Z-Drive is used with a Tornado grip to make a follow focus/handgrip hybrid. Ready to be accessorized!

Offset Rigs

Offset rigs sit on your shoulder and offset your camera to sit in front of your face. If you prefer working with the camera LCD or a Z-Finder Pro viewfinder then these are the kits for you.

Fast Draw

The Fast Draw is a great starter kit. It includes everything you need to get your camera up on your shoulder with no frills attached.

Cross Fire

The Cross Fire is a run’n’gun / offset kit hybrid. It includes a gunstock instead of a shoulder pad. Easily upgraded to a Fast Draw in the future.



The original! Add a Z-Finder Pro or Jr to your camera and instantly have the correct form factor for video. This focus aid also helps with stability, anti-fog and eyesight correction.

Z-Finder Pro


Our electronic viewfinders work in tandem with our standard viewfinder line. Includes camera specific color and scaling profiles, red line peaking, frame lines and much more!

Half Cage

This lightweight Half Cage slides onto 15mm rods and provides multiple accessory attachment points as well as a side handle and optional top handle.

Zwiss Plates

Want to add batteries, recorders, articulating arms and more? The Zwiss Plate is the answer!

Zamerican Arms and Accessories

Zacuto Zamerican articulating arms come in five different sizes. And with over 30 adapters you know you’ll be able to find the mount that’s right for you.

Lens Supports

Using a particularly heavy lens? Add a Lens Support to keep your lens safe and steady.

Check out our Vimeo page to see many of these rigs in action. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service and sales staff to find out more.