Videos I think are great and need to be seen. Check them out and leave your comments.
Enjoy, Steve

TimeScapes “Rapture” by Tom Lowe

“Address Is Approximate” by The Theory

“Voices from the Field” by John X. Carey

“Be Near Me” by John X. Carey

“Kenyan & Grace” by Gary Nadeau

“Lovers in a Dangerous Time Trailer” by May Charters

“The One and Only Herb McGwyer Plays Wallis Island” by James Griffiths

“The Butterfly Circus” by Joshua Weigel

“La Tangente” by Vincent Vesco

“Pizza Verdi” by Gary Nadeau

“Rêverie” by Jaro Minne

Poppy de Villeneuve ~ Z-KUDOS Award Winner

“Spiegel im Spiegel” by Paul Hamilton & Caleb Vinson

“Table 7″ by Marko Slavnic

“ALGO DE BOM” by Rui Vieira

“Vicky and Sam” by Nuno Rocha

“Intercanvi” by Alex Amengual

"And So It Begins…" by Karen Abad

“Frankie” by Darren Thornton

“Pirates & Pills” by Erin E. Cantelo

“SS” Trailer by Ronan Jorah

“MOMENTOS” by Nuno Rocha

“City of Lakes” by Kevin Shahinian

“The Can” by Carlos Lascano

“Small Pleasures” by Constantin Pilavios

“On Time” by Ted Chung

“Yelo Spa” by Gary Nadeau

“Nuit Blanche” by Spy Films

“Nocturne” by Vincent Laforet

“Moonboy” by MoreFrames

“Mike’s” by Ted Chung

“Black Bones” by Rhett Dashwood

“The Rainbow Boy” Trailer by Vincent Pascoe

“What is That?” by Constantin Pilavios

“The Archive” by Sean Dunne

“Why?” by Álvaro de la Herrán

“16: Moments” by Will Hoffman

“Greenpeace: Voices of Change” by Philip Bloom

“NYL: A Day on the Rio Parismina” by Stephen Mick

“Snow” by Kevin Shahinian


“GAY=SIN” by Matthew Brown

“Sinada” by Edi Schneider

“Spanish Dancer” by Vincent Pascoe

“A Thousand Words” by Ted Chung

“Simplesmente Mulher” Music Video by André Mello

“Behind the Scenes: Quarterlife” by Ed Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz

“Play” by BJSR

“I’ll Remember You Forever” by Leonardo Dalessandri

“GH1 1st Test with Stock Lens” by Seb Farges

“Gottfried Helnwein and the Dreaming Child” Trailer by Red Fire Films

“Absolute” Trailer by Mark Dawson

“Dil Jaanta Hai (The Heart Knows)” by Kevin Shahanian