Create Live or Recorded Videos on Permanent Broadcast-Quality Sets

Zacuto Studios provides turn key services allowing you to take control of your video messaging. Our recently constructed permanent, broadcast-quality sets and state of the art control room enable you to communicate with your audience for a fraction of the time, cost and staff. Zacuto Studios seamlessly integrates multiple Skype guests, video, images… all while the production is live-edited so you have a finished product before you walk out the door. If going live is what you need, we can stream to your YouTube, Facebook or website.


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Our beautifully-designed sets are located just north of the Loop in the River North neighborhood. Currently, we have three set styles available as well as a green screen. Each set has five HD Canon cameras and four SKYPE channels that are all switched live by our technical director and sound mixer, all powered by our cutting edge Tricaster system. 

Zacuto Studios offers two options to meet your video needs: live or recorded. Both will allow you to leave the studio with a completed version of the show that’s ready to use where and when you need it.

Live videos on social media are one of the most effective and measurable ways to grow and connect with your audience. It allows you to excite, inform, educate and inspire your viewers as the premier video educator in your field. With our SKYPE capabilities, it’s much easier to get the experts in your industry from anywhere in the world to be a part of your production. You can promote your segments and shows on your social media platforms, email blast list, on forums, Facebook ads, at live events or however you get in touch with your crowd. After the live stream, these shows stay on Facebook & YouTube indefinitely and that greatly helps your SEO.


How can Zacuto Studios’ permanent sets & live-editing technology help me?

You can decide what format works best for your needs: using live streaming or taped productions. Both have their own benefits while saving you time and money.

Benefits of Zacuto Studios’ services
– Authentic communications for content marketing
– Videos take very little time to produce
– Segments don’t need to be edited, which saves time and money
– The actual cost per show can be shockingly low
– Videos are ready for use after you’re wrapped on set – no post-production editing is involved

Additional Benefits when Going Live
– Videos get more views than edited content
– Viewers have an urgency to be a part of the show by commenting
– Customers and viewers feel more involved when they see their questions answered live in real-time

Variety of video & shows formats
– Talk shows & panel discussions
– On set & Skype interviews
– Product launches
– Internal communications
– Info-tainment segments
– Demonstrations
– Videocasts

Need more than just a show?
We work with a team of experienced SEO, social media, public relations, branding and producing professionals so your project – whether it’s a live talk show, product demo or video series – can get the most bang for your buck.

Need to monetize your show?

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We can assist you with producing your own shows and segments or we can produce them for you. Schedule a call or meeting with us.

Melissa Kennedy
VP of Entertainment Operations

Roger Quagliano
Sales Director