Zacuto’s 15mm Rods

Iris rods are an absolutely essential part of any successful camera stabilization kit. Without Iris rods, you won’t be able to mount accessories like follow focuses or matte boxes to your camera. Zacuto offers an extensive array of 15mm rods and extension rods that are perfect for any camera rig. All Zacuto rods are the standard 15mm in diameter and ½” 13 threaded on each end. Our rods are also extendable so you can quickly reconfigure your rig if you need to add or take away rod length when switching out lenses of different sizes.


Zacuto Iris rods are made of 6061 aluminum, anodized black and come in the following sizes:

1” Female/No Tap

1” Male/Female Rod

2” Female/Female Rod

2” Male/Female Rod

3” Female/Female Rod

3.5” Male/Female Rod

4.5” Male/Female Rod

4.5” Female/Female Rod

6.5” Female Rod Set

7” Male Rod Set

8” Female Rod Set

10” Male Rod Set

12” Female Rod Set

Iris Rods

Zacuto also has Rod Caps which are ½ scew caps that can be used to cap your ends. Just screw the 1/2 inch thread directly into a Zamerican arm or rod end and you are ready to go.
Of course, like all Zacuto products, our 15mm rods come with a lifetime warranty.

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