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ACT Blackmagic Pocket Recoil Rig

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The ACT Blackmagic Pocket Recoil Rig  is an Arca-Swiss compatible shoulder rig with a lightweight camera cage. Designed specifically for the Blackmagic 4K and 6K cameras (BMPCC), this rig is balanced, easy to customize, and perfect for all-day filming.  This cage does not work with the Blackmagic 6K PRO. 

An ACT Recoil rig is designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted and is easily configured to accommodate various shooting styles- tripod, cage, handheld, run’n’gun, low mode, and many more!

This rig includes:

Blackmagic 4k/6k Camera Cage- a lightweight cage designed for the Blackmagic 4K and 6K cameras 
ACT Baseplate- an arca-swiss compatible baseplate and shoulder pad 
Tactical Handle- versatile handle that can be quickly transformed into a top handgrip or side handle
Axis Micro- an evf mount that attaches rosette based EVFs to your rig via a 15mm rod port
Right Trigger Grip - 15mm rod based wooden handgrip designed for your right hand, 360 rotation with a press of a lever 

Recommended Accessories:
ACT Mounting Plate

All non-electronic Zacuto parts have a lifetime warranty.