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ACT Basic Recoil Rig


The ACT Basic Recoil Rig is an Arca-Swiss compatible shoulder rig without a camera cage & EVF. This rig is designed for customers who already have a camera cage and/or EVF or who would like to use a different EVF like our Gratical X or Kameleon Pro HDMI EVFs. 

An ACT Recoil rig is designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted and is easily configured to accommodate various shooting styles- tripod, cage, handheld, run’n’gun, low mode, and many more!

This rig requires the use of an EVF. 

It includes:

ACT Baseplate- an arca-swiss compatible baseplate and shoulder pad
Right Trigger Grip - 15mm rod based wooden handgrip designed for your right hand, 360 rotation with a press of a lever
Axis Curve- a 15mm rod mounted EVF Mount 

Recommended Accessories:

ACT Mounting Plate

All non-electronic Zacuto parts have a lifetime warranty. Electronic components have a 1 year warranty.