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The Great Camera Shootout 2011 - Old

Zacuto's Emmy Award winning series (Midwest Region), The Great Camera Shootout 2010, is back with a brand new breed of cameras, a fresh set of challenges and plenty of new episodes. The Great Camera Shootout 2011 is a documentary about the Single Chip Camera Evaluation (SCCE) which is a large scale technical camera comparison administered by Robert Primes, ASC. Our documentary was designed to educate and broaden the understanding of the elements that create image quality. In this series, you will see side by side comparisons of the newest cameras manufactured by Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Phantom, Weisscam, Nikon, Arri, RED as well as the gold standard of 35mm film. Robert Primes brought in consultants, specialists and technicians from various areas of the motion picture industry to design a series of tests and “On-Set-Challenges” to push these cameras to the limit. Some notable motion picture industry names you may recognize include Stephen Lighthill, ASC, Nancy Schreiber ASC, Matt Seigel, Michael Bravin, and Mike Curtis. The camera world is constantly evolving and the Great Camera Shootout 2011 is simply a must see for anyone interested in the filmmaking field. The SCCE consisted of fifteen tests comparing twelve different cameras on a multitude of levels. The cameras used in the tests were the Arri Alexa, Sony F-35, Sony F3, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, Canon 1D Mark IV, Nikon D7000, Weisscam HS-2, Phantom Flex, Panasonic AG-AF100, RED ONE M-X and 35mm Kodak 5213 and 5219 film. Each camera faced in-depth analysis in regard to it’s sharpness, low light sensitivity, exposure latitude, highlight detail, shadow detail, color quality, flesh tone reproduction, compression losses and shutter artifacts. The documentary expands on the tests that were conducted under severe controlled conditions at the Mole-Richardson Co. stage and the Goathouse Loft. The tests were shot over four days and involved over sixty technicians. The Great Camera Shootout 2011 The Great Camera Shootout of 2011 is not a contest to decide out who makes the “best” camera. Rather, it is a collection of tests aimed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the industry’s newest cameras. The evaluation of camera images is both a science and an art, you will hear comments from industry professionals watching the test in calibrated screenings, see the data and see the images as processed through the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES). Watch it for yourself!
Daniel Herman shooting Jens Bogehegn and Steve Weiss. Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn from Zacuto, USA getting ready for the upcoming web series, "The Great Camera Shootout 2011" documenting SCCE! Nancy Schreiber and Stephen Lighthill hang out behind-the-scenes of Zacuto's The test administrator, Matthew J Siegel. Nancy Schreiber, ASC
The amazing set in Hollywood during the filming of Phase 1. Coming in June!! Stephen Lighthill, ASC discusses the scene. Data Management evaluates the Daylight Interior Scene Kelly Thompson On the Daylight Interior Set. Nancy Schreiber ASC tweeks her lighting before the shooting begins.