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Please allow 4-7 days for orders to ship. If urgent, please call or email us!
Please allow 4-7 days for orders to ship.

Next Generation Recoil Kits OLD

Zacuto is proud to introduce the Next Generation Recoil. At the core of this new line of shoulder mounted rigs is the VCT Universal baseplate. Zacuto’s reinvented VCT style baseplate is universal for all flat bottom cameras from a tiny mirror-less DSLR to the RED Epic and everything in-between. This is the last baseplate you ever need.

We’ve broken the camera rig into four sections—base, top, front, and back. The base is always the VCT Universal and then each rig builds to suit a different camera and shooter.

Our custom top plates for specific cameras, like the Canon C-Series and the Sony F5/55, bolt directly to the camera frame providing options for top handles and a wide array of accessory attachment points. For smaller cameras, like DSLRs, the Halfcage Rail wraps around the top of the camera to offer similar accessory capable space.

The front of the rig accepts our Z-drive follow focus and Tornado grip for focus control and our new Control Grip (Coming soon!) for camera, zoom and iris control. The back of the VCT is tapped for Zacuto 15mm rods to mount power accessories like batteries and recorders.

The final element for any shoulder mounted rig is a viewfinder. We’ve got options with Z-Finders, our EVF, and the soon to be released Gratical HD.

Click on your camera below to see the Next Generation Recoil Rig for your camera.

Thanks for your interest in Zacuto’s Next Generation Recoil Kits! Have questions about any of these kits or individual accessories? Please contact our sales and customer service team at (312) 863 3452 or Live chat is also available during business hours.