On a Roll! Four Emmy Nominations for Zacuto!

Light and Shadow Emmy NominationFor the fourth year in a row, Zacuto has been honored with multiple Emmy nominations from the Midwest Chapter. In 2010 Zacuto earned two nominations and a win for The Great Camera Shootout 2010 (Outstanding Achievement for a Program Series.) Then in 2011 we were privileged to receive four Emmy nominations and a win for FilmFellas (Outstanding Achievement for Interview/Discussion Programming.) Again in 2012 four nominations with a win for Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 (Outstanding Achievement in Interview/Discussion Programming.) This year, Zacuto’s powerful and inspirational documentary Light & Shadow rises to the top with four nominations to call her own.

Outstanding Achievement for Informational/Instructional Programming
Producers: Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch

Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air: Director
Steve Weiss

Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air: Editor
Scott Lynch

Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air: Photographer
Jens Bogehegn

I just wanted to congratulate you for earning your permanent place in the history of our art form. It’s a beautiful film, deep and meaningful and wonderfully done. Engaging and visually strong. What a wonderful approach. What a wonderful statement. It really, as much as any single film can, says what we are and why we do, and says it in the most comprehensive and universal manner…The same thing that drove you to do this is the same thing that drives all of us to do what we do. I don’t know whether to say welcome to the brotherhood or thank you for being such a great filmmaker and thank you for focusing your interest on our little art form.

Bob Primes, ASC

 BEAUTIFUL and passionate. Your love of the art shines through. Wonderful. I’m honored to be a part. Thanks!

Steven Fierberg, ASC


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Shot partly while working on the Emmy winning Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012, Light & Shadow explores such questions as “What is creativity?”, “What shapes your vision?” and “How do you look at life?” This personal and moving take on an industry, which can often get bogged down in the nitty gritty details, reminds us all why we fell in love with cinematography and the arts in the first place. Light & Shadow serves as a reminder that the technical can be taught, and anyone can pick up a camera or a paint brush and learn how to operate it. To capture an emotion and move an audience through visual storytelling is what real artists are all about. The big question is this: “can it be learned or are you born with it?” With or without this born talent, it’s still upon you to keep learning and honing your craft.

Light & Shadow was truly a labor of love for Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch and all the legendary filmmakers who opened up on camera about the love of their craft.

It’s so crazy cool to be recognized for doing a dream project about my industry idols. I have been reading about them and their work for almost 30 years and to finally get to know them, shoot and light them and hear their inspiring words was… well it just doesn’t get much better that that.

Jens Bogehegn

I have done so many projects in my life but this one stands out as one of my favorites. I learned a lot about filmmaking listening to these legends of the industry. It was my privilege to create this film and even better to be recognized for it.

Steve Weiss

 I find it such an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with these nominations. Light & Shadow was an outstanding program to work on and it makes me very happy that so many people have enjoyed watching it, it makes all the hard work completely worth it.

Scott Lynch

Thank you to all the inspiring and respected participants who took the time to open up and share with us. We take your words to heart and are warmed by your obvious passion for your craft. And, of course, good luck to Steve, Jens and Scott! We’ll be cheering you on as always. And, we’re holding our breath for what comes next…

 LOVED LOVED LOVED IT, very MOVING and full of passion. BRAVO!

 Nancy Schreiber, ASC

 Great Job, well done.

Bruce Logan, ASC

 Wonderful and moving.

Rodney Charters, ASC

 Great job Steve!! Honored to be amongst so many amazing artists. THANK YOU!!!

Polly Morgan


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