Beyond the Frame

Behind the scenes of indie filmmaking

Zacuto and Mystery Dinner Productions are excited to bring you a unique look at behind the scenes filmmaking from filmmaker Tony Aaron II. Beyond the Frame offers us a rare opportunity to follow Tony’s journey as he creates three distinct short films. Each season follows the creation of one short, highlighting the challenges and experiences that make each one unique.

The idea for Beyond the Frame came from my own need for such a show. I often find myself searching online for accurate portrayals of filmmaking behind the scenes. The pickings are slim. When I would watch Top Gun or Ace Ventura growing up, and even today, I’d think to myself “I want to be there filming that!”. Beyond the Frame is a show that aims to puts you there with us. – Tony Aaron II, Filmmaker


solstice-poster-v1 Season 2

The short featured in Season 2, Solstice, is based around a simple idea: Due to pride and insecurity, families often don’t communicate enough which tends to cause even more problems. The three episodes of Beyond the Frame: Season 2 take us with Tony on some location scouting, his two main shooting days, and then thru the post experience, with a heavy focus on sound.


life-of-loss-poster-1 Season 1

Season 1 focuses on the dramatic short film Life of Loss. In each Beyond the Frame episode, Tony takes us behind the scenes on a specific scene, discussing equipment, casting using, directing, writing and more. He then walks us through a time lapse of the complete post production process.



Meet Tony Aaron II

Tony Aaron II - RED Epic Dragon Rig #1 Tony Aaron II
8 years ago I slept on Hollywood Blvd after having just arrived in Los Angeles. I went through the homeless system in LA (PATH) whilst beginning my career as a background actor and “Harassing a different department every day on set.” I built my production company, Mystery Dinner Productions, with the single goal of creating a recognized independent film studio before I’m 35.

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