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Preorder our new Smart Z-Finder!
Preorder our new Smart Z-Finder!

The Director's Rig for Mobile phones

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$575.00 - $575.00
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Shipping in March 2023

The Director Kit provides the tools you need to deliver the perfect shot with your mobile phone. Focus and frame your content in a completely immersive experience using the Smart Z-Finder. The Director’s Grip balances the rig for all day shooting and gives stability by adding a third point of contact to the rig. The Directors Grip allows you to get in places you can’t get with any other device.  The Accessory Rail provides all the mounting points you need for ¼-20, ⅜-16, or cold shoe devices.

The Director Kit includes:
Smart Z-Finder
Accessory Rail
Director’s Grip
Drop in Diopters x4 (+.5, +1, +1.5 and +2)
Anti-Fog Discs x3