BTS Photo Gallery

Behind the Scenes with Zacuto Gear

Look inside Zacuto’s BTS Photo Gallery to discover how our production grade accessories look with your camera. Whether you’re a Sony expert or Canon pro, you can see what filmmakers from around the world are doing behind the scenes with Zacuto gear. Have your own BTS pics with Zacuto products? We’d love to see them! Please email any photos to

Sony A7S

Click here to see Zacuto products in action with the Sony A7S, a full-frame mirrorless camera.

See the Indie Recoil rig teamed up with Zacuto EVFs & more!

Sony F3

The F3 is a member of Sony's CineAlta lineup & great for cinematographers used to shooting on 35mm film.

See the F3 with the Indie Recoil & Zacuto EVFs.

Sony F5 & F55

Enjoy photos of the F5 & F55; Sony’s modular, compact 4K cameras.

See the camera with the Sony F5/F55 Recoil, EVFs, and more Zacuto gear.

Sony FS7

The Sony FS7 is great for filming documentaries, corporate videos & more!

See this camcorder in action with Zacuto gear, including the Sony FS7 Recoil & Zacuto EVFs.

Sony FS700

Check out these behind the scene photos with the Sony FS700, one of the best 4K cameras around.

See the Cine Mini EVF Recoil rig teamed up with Zacuto EVFs & more!

Sony FS5

The FS5 is a great choice for documentaries, corporate applications, reality TV, and more.

See the FS5 with the New Generation Recoil Rig & Zacuto EVFs.