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Please allow 4-7 days for orders to ship. If urgent, please call or email us!
Please allow 4-7 days for orders to ship.

Vancouver, BC - Vidcom Ltd

VidCom Communications Ltd. is the leading systems integrator of high-end hardware and software for the Broadcast, Video and Entertainment Industries in Western Canada. For over 25 years, VidCom has been leveraging its expertise in the broadcast, film and graphics industries to elevate our clients' ability to deliver on their unique talents.

VidCom's dedicated support and training has ensured our clients' advantage in productivity and performance while VidCom's rentals and repairs have minimized their downtime. Evolving with specialized knowledge and leading edge products, VidCom has kept its clients at the forefront of technology.

VidCom fosters a culture of flexibility and adaptability which enables us to navigate through the rapidly changing products and market conditions inherent in the high tech industry. With a mantra of honesty, integrity and respect, VidCom has developed trusting, long-term partnerships with both clients and manufacturers.

VidCom Ltd.
100 - 77 West 8th Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia
Tel: 604 732-9711
Zacuto dealer for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

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