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Limited Time, Save 50% on the ACT Baseplate!!

Toronto, ON - Image Gear

With over twenty eight years experience importing equipment into Canada for film and video production, as well as collaborating in the design and manufacture of some very specialized tools, Image Gear Inc. continues to provide sales, service and rental support to a wide variety of videographers and filmmakers across the country.

Recently specializing in on-camera accessories such as Matte Boxes, Filters, Follow Focus, Zoom Controls, Optical Adapters, Wireless Control and Monitoring, the company continues to source new products and adapt conventional gear for use with the latest digital technologies.

The strength of Image Gear over the years has always been the relationships with clients and suppliers. As new technologies expand the horizons of today’s storytellers and equipment evolves to meet those needs, Image Gear hopes to be a conduit in both directions, with experiences that will be beneficial to all.

Image Gear
358 Dufferin St. Suite 103
Toronto, ON M6K 1Z8
Contact: Mike Wilder
Tel: 416.923.7432
Fax: 416.923.1874

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