Thaddeus Setla

About the Author

Thaddeus Setla Thaddeus Setla is a Paramedic and Filmmaker, where he believes his perspective gave him a unique view on life. In Setla’s world these two professions have collided giving him a bigger purpose. It was when Setla had an EMS and film career at the same time that he found out that film was his passion. Shortly after in 2006, Setla Film Productions was formed and was a way for Thaddeus to fill his niche. He immediately turned to relationships he had formed in the industry to help fund his dream of improving production values and continued to partner with companies who saw the value of a good story. Today Thaddeus travels the world sharing stories on how to improve patient care from survivors to their saviors.
Thaddeus Setla with Zacuto

Tools on Determining Your Worth

Read these tools from Filmmaker, Thaddeus Setla, on determining your worth when it comes to work.


Tips on Filmmaking: Improve the Viewer Experience

Starting out as a Paramedic and then becoming a filmmaker, I felt I had a responsibility to the industry that shaped me.


Looking For a Gig vs Creating Your Own as a Filmmaker

Before I begin story-boarding, I will either create a formal shot list, or I will have a rough idea in my head of the shots I need to tell the story.



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