Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro Voted Product of the Year!

Zacuto’s wildly popular Z-Finder EVF Pro was recently announced as the “best field monitor” in Videomaker Magazine’s Best Video Products of the Year 2011. Since the rise of DSLRs and other cameras utilizing HDMI inputs, the Z-Finder EVF Pro has become an absolutely essential tool for shooters all over the world. The 3.2” monitor provides users with peaking for focusing, zebra bars for exposure and loads of other professional features.

“A high quality, reliable EVF has been the number one tool missing in my HDDSLR toolkit since these cameras came out. Zacuto’s EVF is feature packed and allows me to operate these cameras as I would with traditional cameras for the first time – and that’s a really great thing,” says Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Vincent Laforet.

DSLR cameras have completely changed the way video production works in the last few years. Their light-weight and small size make them ideal for mounting just about anywhere and the interchangeable lens feature increases their versatility many times over. DSLR’s large sensors produce fantastic image quality and depth of field previously unseen in much more expensive camcorders. Plus, you still have a camera that takes amazing still photographs.

Because of these reasons, we now see DSLR cameras everywhere; weddings, commercials, corporate events and even a few big screen features. However, DSLR cameras aren’t perfect for everything. Their poor audio capture and monitoring limitations left much room for improvement. Traditional high-end video cameras usually come equipped with viewfinders or stationary LCD screens. DSLR cameras don’t have either one of these features so Zacuto developed the Z-Finder Pro and Z-Finder EVF, electronic viewfinder.

The Z-Finder EVF Pro is made up of very sturdy ABS high-impact plastic and aluminum that can easily withstand a 12-foot drop. The Z-Finder Pro viewfinder attaches to the front of the EVF where it can be lowered over the screen and latched into place for glare-free framing and focusing or flipped up and out of the way for easy viewing of the LCD screen. The EVF also comes with its own battery that will last for over seven hours. The bottom of the unit features a threaded port for the hot-shoe adapter and a USB port for uploading firmware upgrades. The right side of the monitor has two full-size HDMI ports; one for receiving the signal from the camera and the other for looping through to a second monitor.

“I am really impressed with the EVF build and screen quality, it’s really well thought out. The speed in which the Zacuto EVF handles the resolution switch when you hit record on the 5D MK II is so impressive. Other monitors I’ve used take an age to do that. I’m really not quite sure how I lived without an EVF like this on my 5D MK II,” says Videographer/Photographer, Dan Chung.

The EVF menu options allow users to configure brightness, contrast, chroma for fine-tuning overall saturation and the red, green or blue values individually. The unit also features blue only, monochrome and color bars for checking and achieving optimal calibration of the monitor. The scaling feature is used to fit a lower resolution camera signal to the screen, which eliminates those troublesome black bars that would otherwise appear. Scaling options include auto, manual and camera presets, or you can create and save your own custom presets. Zacuto also frequently releases firmware upgrades to fix bugs or add new features to the EVF.

To learn more about the Z-Finder EVF Pro or to purchase one yourself, please visit or contact your local Zacuto authorized dealer.

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  1. Marc B on December 16th, 2011 12:11 pm

    I know I love mine. Focus is much more visible than on the just viewfinder w/ Z Finder.