Zacuto Rentals Increases Inventory

Zacuto Rentals has done it yet again! We have improved our inventory with some great new upgrades and equipment! Some new rentals that you can now take advantage of now include the Sony PMW-FS700, the PL-mount version of the Canon C300, Arri’s new L7-C LED lights, and two upgrades to the Sony’s PMW-F3 camera: the S-log firmware update, as well as Canon and Nikon lens mount adapters.

The Sony PMW-F3 camera has a new update, the F3 S-Log, which is an optional camera software upgrade that allows the Sony F3 to record footage in the fully uncompressed 4:4:4 color space and allows users to turn on the S-Log feature in the profile menu. With the upgrade you can make adjustments to other camera settings such as black level, color, and white balance. Without recording at 4:4:4, “S-Log” adds a full two stops of dynamic range to the F3, allowing the camera to perform better in low-light situations.

Another Sony product deal that the Rentals Department added to its inventory is with the Sony PMW-FS700. This base packaged deal includes three large Sony batteries, a battery charger, three 64GB SD cards, a card reader, a Zacuto Baseplate with a 15mm rod support, and a Nikon F-mount or Metabones EOS lens adapter. All for the affordable daily rate of $350, now that’s a steal!

“The Metabones adapter is great because it’s a smart adapter that allows you to use a Canon EOS-mount lens and still control the iris and autofocus features of the Canon lens through the Sony camera body,” explains Rental Director Joe DeJulius. “When technology from two different camera companies can work together in harmony, I find that to be very cool.”

For more upscale video productions with access to PL-mounted lenses, Zacuto is also now renting the PL-mount version of Canon’s new C300 cinema camera, for the same low rates as the EOS-mounted version! While it’s compatible with just about every cinema lens in production, it’s also available at an affordable price. Check out Zacuto Rentals Pricing for C300 packages here.

Lastly, the Arri L7-C LED light is a traditional 750 watt-equivalent production light that only draws 220 watts of power when fully lit (very energy efficient) and can be integrated into the studio or onto set. The Arri L7-C sports versatile features of a cutting-edge LED light, including being fully dimmable from 1-100% with no color shift, wide range of beam control, produces single finely tuned color balance and color washes with saturation control, and more. Want to know what’s better? It’s renting for only $125 a day!

Above: PL-mount version of the Canon C300, Arri L7-C LED Light, Sony PMW-FS700

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